The sewing room redo

This weekend, I really wanted to get some kind of order in the sewing room. 


I had so many ideas.

I found extra storage under these tables and managed to put 22 bolts of fabric under there.  Note the new rotary cutting station.  That’s going to be handy.


And, I found a new place to put the dollhouse.


Unfortunately, you can’t really see into it anymore, but that’s okay.

All the room needs is a few new pillows and a cozy quilt and it will be all ready for me to sew there.

Except for one small detail.


It’s in the dollhouse.  Now, who wouldn’t love to work in that great little room?

And, to think, just a few days ago, it looked like this.


That’s quite a difference. 

I almost titled this blog post That guy must be nuts! 

So, that’s how I spent a portion of my weekend.  Fortunately, not all of it, tho I can certainly see how someone could get all bound up in having to create a perfect scene (the star quilt is actually quilted…not pieced, but it is quilted).  And, then have dolls to play in it.  Fortunately, I’m just enjoying the opportunity to express myself creatively without actually having to ask Rob if we can paint the dining room (but I did sneakily introduce the subject of a new dining table recently). 

The doors in the room are the real focal point and I considered papering over them, since they don’t open, but then decided to create the effect of the doors being there by gluing a piece of clouds in the sky fabric to the wallpaper and then gluing the door pieces to that.  Lots of work with tweezers.


They don’t have knobs yet, but they will.  One day.  That’s the beauty of it…I don’t have to install door knobs today, just to keep the burglers out.

Everybody have a fun and light April Fool’s day.



JoAnne said...

OMG! It is brilliant! I love the small rotary cutter and mat. The bolts of fabric are great, too.

qltmom9 said...

My little girls thought your sewing room was really cute and real. LOL. I like the pink and green, and that tends to be my fave quilt combo. Wouldn't the thimble wastebasket make a cute real size too?
Lucy (who is going to find time to get those little girls piecing today) (-:

Becky said...

WHOA!!!!! I absolutely love it!

Elizabeth said...

The transformation is amazing! I love your little sewing room! That is definitely someplace I'd love to spend the afternoon sewing. All the details are amazing; the quilt on the wall, the bolts of fabric, the rotary cutting mat, the sewing machine. Your doll house is too much fun!

xo -E

Rebecca Grace said...

This is so amazing, Lane. I love your doll house, ESPECIALLY this sewing room!

How big do your doorknobs need to be? I was thinking that those upholstery screw pins might work, the ones that my mom used to have for the arm protectors on her living room chairs? They have a faceted clear plastic head on them, so they might look like crystal doorknobs if they are the right size. Otherwise I'll bet you could make some really cool hardware from some kind of beading supplies or costume jewelry earring elements.

Mary said...

Almost an April Fools post, you had me convinced for a few paragraphs, Love the tiny sewing machine, sew cute.

Marei said...

I really love the bolts of fabric! How small are they? You are having WAY too much fun with this dollhouse. And I'm having almost as much fun when I see the results of your redecorating. What room is next?

Kath said...

I wish I still had my dolls house! It was the birthday of one of my dogs today so we all went to the beach. Hope you had a good easter Lane.

lindaroo said...

What a clever post for today's date! Your miniature room is charming!

Terri in BC said...

Is that a metal dollhouse you are redoing? If so, I think I had that very same one when I was a child - sure wish I still had now!

Susan Entwistle said...

Fun post. Love the fact that your dollhouse has a sewing room.

Carla said...

Impressive little sewing room. Fun!

Vesuviusmama said...

It is fabulous! I wish I had bolts of fabric in my sewing room!