A cutting day

Yesterday, I got up early, and true to the spirit of the day before, I started sorting and cleaning.  I managed to pack up a box of quilting books and patterns and magazines to donate and I found a three inch tall stack of paper to throw out and I started updating the organization of the things I’m going to keep and I felt really good about myself. 

Then, I pulled down a bin of scraps that I haven’t cut down to strips for the scrap organizer system and I pulled the browns, the neutrals and the deep reds out of it.  I found 26 different brown fabrics for the hexagon quilt…and that’s just in one scrap bin.  But, you know what?  It’s out and it’s getting used and that’s the important part, right? 

I thought I’d share how I cut my hexies because I think I’ve found a good way.  My paper templates (the foundations for english paper piecing) are cut using a 1 inch punch. 


The perfect hexies for this punch come from fabric strips one and 7/8” wide.  I can layer up to six strips to cut hexies from.

I lay my template on the strip and, using my “add a quarter” ruler (or whatever ruler I can lay my hands on) to add a quarter inch to both of the side edges, I cut the first hexie sides.


Then, I move the ruler to the other side and do the same.


I lose two triangles, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to cut six hexies at a time. 


And, after the 1st hexie is removed, I have the start of the next hexie.


Following the theme of moving it out of the sewing room without wasting it, I started cutting the homespun fabrics for a Linus quilt and for a quilt for the neighbors. 


On the left are 2” wide strips for a log cabin for the neighbors and in the center are 4” wide strips for a log cabin for Linus and next to that are about a jillion wedges for Dresden Plates and the strips are cut to get the rest of the wedges from.  So, at some point, I can move forward with that project. 

My bin of homespuns?  It is down from packed tight, to half full.  And, I’ll have gotten three Linus quilts from that half of a bin, so maybe six total.  And, an empty bin!!!!

Today, we woke to thunderstorms, so I took my audio book and my hexie project pack out to the sun room and listened to the rain and the book and sewed up some of my cutting work from yesterday. 

Decisions have been made regarding the direction I want to take my hexie quilt in and so I’m whipping out basted sections like the beat of a drum.

Oh, if only hand piecing went that fast.

Two other things I picked up supplies for yesterday are a new curtain rod for the new kitchen curtains I need to get started on and some yarn for a new pair of fun socks. 

There is never going to be enough time in the day, so I may as well just enjoy what I’m going to get of it.

Be well and have a great Sunday. 


Rebecca Grace said...

In all my hexaphobia, I was only thinking about sewing the hexagons together -- never thought about cutting them all out until you shared your method! I am curious to see what you'll be doing with those hexies, though. Please share any tricks or tips you have for piecing these scary little shapes!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your progress on the hexie quilt. Glad you found some more browns to add to the mix. Lovely rain here today also.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive way you figured out to cut hexies.

Elizabeth said...

LOVE your hexie cutting method. Pretty genius!

And your homespun quilts are going to be so nice.

xo -E