On the way to quilt guild

It's my first meeting. I've been a member for a year. I've won ribbons in their show. But I've never attended a meeting.

At the therapists office, I came up with yet one more excuse for why I couldn't drive 10 miles home in 5 o'clock traffic and then 12 miles back to go to guild. Just like all my excuses, someone got in the way and the therapist offered to let me sit in her waiting room and go from there.

So with no other excuses handy, I pulled out my he use and I sewed for an hour. I left there and went to a favorite little cafe and am having a delicious sandwich. I've killed an hour and a half of my 2 and a half hour wait.

Right now, you're wondering what's so great about that.

Well, if I'd gone home I would have spent an hour and a half in the car; 45 minutes each way.

This has been nicer than that.

It's weird to be alone. I'm almost never alone. Alone in this restaurant eating. And it's going to be weird to walk into that guild meeting alone. That probably sounds weird to anybody that spends time alone on a regular basis. Most people probably wish they could get a few minutes alone without clicking the lock on the bathroom door.

But I'm trying to figure out whether it would be quicker to teach Rob to sew or make a new friend at the meeting.

My sandwich is done and the time is nigh for me to get in the car and cross a hurdle that should never have felt like a hurdle.

The life of an introvert is wonderful...once you start standing up to the fear.

Be well and I'll try to tell what happens next tomorrow.



mssewcrazy said...

I used to go to some of those meetings when I was younger-had to drive one hour each way. I finally quit as invariably something else would always come up on the meeting days. I did enjoy those I attended. Seeing all the projects at the sewing club,quilt guild meetings was always so fun. Now I appease myself with looking at projects online. Have fun at your gathering.

JoAnne said...

Since I'm an Army wife we move a lot. I arrive in the new place and I join and go to the guild. I've never had a problem and I'm shy and an introvert, too. Quilters are friendly people! More importantly, there aren't as many men quilters--as you know! ha ha--so you will get lots of attention. I predict many people will approach you to meet/welcome you. I hope they have a great program for you to enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

Just getting out the door is half the battle, I think. So since you were already out, I hope it wasn't as hard as you thought and that the guild members offered you a warm welcome.

xo -E

qltmom9 said...

I hope you had a great time and learned something too.


Kath said...

I can identify with this Lane. I HATE going to things,, but I usually enjoy it when I get there.
I think a lot of it for me, is laziness, having to change out of my "floppy clothes" and tame my mad curly hair :-D

Shay said...

Hope you had a decent time Lane. I bet it wasn't near as challenging for you as you thought it might be !