A life interruption

I read a post yesterday about a lady that keeps a dozen works in progress because she gets bored and puts them down and works on something else for a while and then picks the earlier one up again.  They aren’t unfinished objects; she just has a lot of works in progress.

That’s me.

So, it should come as no surprise that yesterday, I put all my other priority projects aside and decided to make a shirt.


Now, making shirts just before vacation is kind of a tradition for me.  The first year, I made shirts for all of us and Sydney never wore hers.  The second year, I made shirts for me and Rob and I bet we haven’t worn them but once each.  THEN I learned the lesson about lightweight interfacing and now I make shirts that are not so stiff. 

I’m using my pattern from 1985.


Technically, I only use the instructions from this pattern because all the pattern pieces have been redrawn and a muslin was made that perfectly fits me, including my slightly rounded shoulders.  Each time, I try on the muslin for fit and it still fit yesterday, so I cut the shirt out and started putting it together.  The instructions are easy and straightforward and I can knock out a shirt in pretty good time, especially if I’m willing to serge the side and shoulder seams, which I’ll probably do here because it’s quick and gives a good finished edge. 

I love pea green linen.  Rob and I both do.  We both have pea green linen shirts and have to make sure we don’t wear them at the same time.  Mine is so old that it’s slightly snug and has faded to more of a yellow green than a pretty one…it didn’t go olive like I wish it had.  Anyway, when I found this very lightweight, linen feel, 100% cotton fabric at JoAnn’s for $2 a yard, I realized I needed a new pea green linen shirt and snatched it up.  I wish I’d bought the rest of the bolt and used it in quilting.  But, I didn’t, so there. 

Anyway, I’m about half way there and hope to finish tomorrow.  And, then maybe I’ll get back to one of my other big projects.  The borders I recently made for the hexie quilt are attached and it’s time to start cutting for the next set so I can keep that portable project going through some upcoming travel. 

Be well.  Lane


lw said...

If the old shirt is still in good shape, you can try dying it olive.

Elizabeth said...

I love that color! Green is such a great color!

I also have lots of projects in progress too! It is more fun that way.

xo -E

Susan Entwistle said...

I haven't sewn a garment in ages, and I've never cut a muslin pattern. I bet you're a fan of Project Runway....it starts again in a couple of weeks :)