What’s under the needle today?

What is it about me that gets to the last border of a quilt and then puts it away for a couple of months before I can finish.  It’s so weird because I love finishes so much, but have some need to delay them.

This is the quilt I was working on when Syd had her surgery in early March.  I sewed diligently during her recovery, mostly because my machine was 10 feet from her bed and I could hear her if she moved.  But, I burned myself out I guess and haven’t worked on this since April. 


Oh, well.  The one thing I can be sure of is that this far in, I will finish it at some point.  But, a better question is what in the heck am I gonna do with that two inch outer border?  All I’ve thought of so far is a very small english ivy vine all through it.  I wouldn’t mind if this were the first project I brought to guild for show and tell.

I was going to show you another vintage quilt from Sudie’s box, but, I can’t get this cat off of it.


Hey, I’m not fighting with him unless I get something out of it.

He’s become very possessive of the things we don’t want him to lay on.  He is so desperate for attention and is resorting to some very funny behavior to get it.

(Of course, you can tell that he never gets any attention, right?)

Okay, real quick, pictures from the garden and then I have to go to work.  My project finishes on Friday.  My part is done.  All we’re doing now is waiting for testing to say it’s all okay.  I need my garden now more than ever.

Charlene’s Patio daylilies.  These are late bloomers and very, very red with a green throat.



And, my bougainvillea that I bought on Rob’s birthday.  It is a very delicate pink and I hesitated to give it the sun it wants because I thought it wouldn’t stand up.  But, it gets more sun and heat than anything in my yard and even in a coconut basket that doesn’t retain water, it looks great!


And, the echinacea (purple coneflower) just sets the pink in the bougainvillea off.


This weekend, friends who garden are coming to visit and are going to see the beds, so I’ve been in them every morning, doing a bit of this and a bit of that; moving something that wasn’t working or pulling weeds or cutting back the roses.  I can hardly wait to show off.  Other than the videos here, very few people ever see my beds because they’re in the back yard, surrounded by a privacy fence.  They’re my own secret garden.

Yes, I am as excited about that as I would be showing off a quilt.  And, then we’re all going to drive to a large nursery, so there’s no telling what I’ll find to add.  Not much, tho.  My beds are filling up.

Be well and have a great Wednesday.  Lane

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Susan Entwistle said...

How about 3 parallel lines lining up with the white on the 9 patch corners? Kind of like you've got going on around the center? Though, your suggestion of the vines would suit the fabric well.

Your flowers are beautiful. I love to go to the garden center too, but then I just buy things, plant them, and forget to water and weed them. My 'garden' is my biggest UFO.