The garden and the brown hexies

Okay, so this is what I had in my head.


Except this photo looks very washed out.  The quilt is much more vibrant.  I’ll take a next pic on a different background.

It just wasn’t speaking to me.  I laid it out a couple days ago and just looked at it and replaced neutral hexies until I got the consistency I wanted.  But, it didn’t say anything.

This morning, I decided to change it.


Now, it speaks to me. 

Just that little bit of a reversal was all it took.

Rob took another video of the garden the other day.  Another three and a half minute walk through, to see what started blooming. 

This was a week and a half ago and of course, it looks completely different now.  We had a limb cut from the tree in the back yard and my shade garden has suddenly gone to part sun.  Fingers crossed that all works out.

Have a great Thursday.  I woke up thinking it was Friday and was so disappointed when the news announced the day and date. 

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can focus on work, because I’m in a really creative time, and my mind keeps drifting to quilting. 

Or maybe it’s that things are so stressful at work right now, I have to escape to happy thoughts about quilting. 




Seraphinalina said...

A few weeks ago on a Tuesday I was sure it was Friday. It's such a depressing day after that.

Kath said...

we're off out tonight to a music gig which I chose and yet I yearn to stay home and sew diamonds. I worry about me sometimes!

Linda Kucera said...

Oh, yes! I see how arranging the border around the central hexies with more neutral space really opens up the design, and lets the flowers be the focus. I am enjoying your process with this one, seeing how you're not locked into an idea, and how you audition other looks.

Marei said...

I think changing the positions of the greens and neutrals made a big difference in your hexie project. I like it a lot. Good luck with the 'shade' garden. We're heading for 111 this weekend and I would kill for some shade....some COOL shade. Keep smiling.

Elizabeth said...

It is interesting how one tiny swap in color placement can make such a difference! I really love option too, as well.

xo -E

lw said...

I love the difference that the reverse color option makes here, it really shows off the "flowers" in the hex patterns.

Susan Entwistle said...

What a beautiful yard. I wish I had such dedication (and a fence to keep the 'varments' from eating everything). Nice work!