A good day at Casa de Lane

You can imagine that yesterday was a good day, full of good feelings and hearty discussions around the dinner table around here.  I could hardly work for reading the news…and the reactions to the news.  The supreme court declared DOMA unconstitutional and sent Prop 8 back to the state and said something very important; if you’re not affected by it, you can’t just keep challenging what you don’t like.  It wasn’t all we hoped for, but it was good progress.

There was a good bit of listening intently around the television around here.  And some calling of people who said stupid things by impolite names because they expressed their sour grapes (not that I wouldn’t have been expressing my own sour grapes if things had gone differently).  I’m not quite sure how Sydney feels.  Last night, she was all about absorbing what was going on around her and we answered her questions as best we could.  Maybe today, I’ll hear what she took from that. 

I saw a tweet yesterday that went something like this; scotus just approved gay marriage, my marriage not crumbling so far, should probably check with wife to confirm, wife says all okay.  Thanks, unknown guy.  That just about sums it up for me.

Here I am, with a good man, raising a child, living in a neighborhood where EVERYbody knows our story and we aren’t afraid someone will paint a slur on the garage door.  Waiting until someone gets married in New York, which doesn’t require residence, and comes to TX and challenges the state to accept it, or deny the validity of all marriages performed in NY.  It will happen.  It won’t be me.  But, I’ll benefit from it.  And, I’ll celebrate that day, too.  Funny how what seemed so impossible in 1984 seems so possible just 30 years later.

What must my grandparents have thought of sports cars and tractors and transistor radios and color TV?  Of the fight for racial equality and the dedication to put a man on the moon? 
I wonder that times don’t change and people don’t change.  It’s just the topics of conversation and controversy that change.

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Take care.



Kath said...

Lane you are a good man, with a good man, raising a child. That's what is important to me and I have huge respect for you and your family xx

Coloradolady said...

I second what Kath said...but would like to add I believe you and your family and those like you should be afforded the same rights as anyone else.

Why should two people who dedicated their lives to each other and their children, made a positive difference in their worlds and in most ways are way better than a lot of heterosexual couples be denied anything.

Can you just imagine what an upheaval would occur if it was the other way around and it was the heterosexual community not being treated equal and fairly. I shiver at the thought.

There are a lot of "fine" folks in this country who really need to check themselves! Serious.

I celebrated with you. It is about time.

Frances Welch said...

Hi Lane when I saw the news on TV here in UK I whooped with joy and hubby wanted to know why I explained about you and Rob and Sydney and his reaction was a shrug and he can't understand why America has made this such a big deal and not let every one get on with their lives as they seem fit, all I can add is amen to that and hope things can only get better

lw said...

I was delighted to hear the news yesterday-- you're that much closer to the day that your blog ladies can all dance to celebrate your wedding!

Rebecca Grace said...

You know what I think about DOMA and those who supported it? I think it was a copout. If they can define marriage as simply as Man + Woman + Paper From the State = Marriage, then they don't have to WORK at it very hard, do they? There are an awful lot of so-called "traditional marriages" that are disrespectful, dishonest, unfaithful, violent, or otherwise dysfunctional. What if we came up with a new definition of what it really means to be married, or what it really means to be a family? Then we could send the Marriage Police out to get up in everyone's business and see which marriages measure up and which ones should be invalidated. I'll bet there would be more gay marriages left standing than straight ones!

With so much depressing crap in the news every day, it's such a treat to see something positive in the headlines for a change! :-)