Gotta keep moving

This was yesterday’s post that wouldn’t upload.  So, I’m going to try it again.  The quilt guild meeting requires a full post of its own. 

Well, Saturday’s day of cutting fabric left me basically unable to move on Saturday evening.  I was bent into the angle for reaching my cutting surface, and other than sitting down, I felt like I pretty much stayed bent at that angle.  Fortunately, Sunday, I was fine.  And, it was worth it to get most of 4 quilts cut out and ready to go. 

On Sunday, we took our friend LD out to lunch and had a wonderful time visiting with her.  She shared this purple pepper plant with me.  I am loving it. 


Sydney spent her afternoon making cupcakes.


They’re called Rose cupcakes and those are sugared and preserved rose petals on top.  We each had one last night and yes, they are as good as they look.

I did more cleaning, filling another trashbag of stuff I didn’t want.  I got to the point of not even looking through it.  I’d already decided I didn’t want this stuff and most of it was photocopies and hand written and the copies were dark and unreadable, but I thought if I ever wanted to make that, I’d struggle through. 


So, it went to the garbage this morning and is gone, so it’s too late to worry about it.  And, it feels good.

I got a lot of stuff organized and still have more stuff to work on.  Like I said, it’s not a race to get better organized.  It’s something I can work on slowly, as I decide I want to.  At one point, Sydney came in the sewing room and declared that I was never going to get finished, but by suppertime, I had everything that I was keeping in a good storage place and everything I wasn’t keeping was sorted out and ready to be gotten rid of.  Lots of it will go on ebay.  I won’t enjoy selling it, but it is stuff that has a value, and I just need to get it in the hands of people that will value it. 

My focus on Saturday was books and patterns.  My focus on Sunday was thread and yarn.  I threw away several nearly finished balls of crochet thread.  I was gifted it, I kept it.  Then, I didn’t keep it anymore.  I kept several, but because they are good, thick, heavy string; probably 5 weight.  Not because I will ever crochet anything out of them.  Other balls had enough thread for a project, so I kept them.  I found two large afghan projects and got all the supplies together for them.  One is started and will be for us (not that we ever use afghans because we have cats) and the other will be for Linus.  And, I found two of every tool a knitter could possibly need.  And, every size crochet hook from zero to Q.  Ouch!

Those things I kept because one day, somebody’s going to want to learn to knit. 

Next project, when I decide to take it on, is to clear out my stuff that’s not related to quilting.  Not really looking forward to that.  It’s one thing to clean when you’re getting to pet your favorite stuff, but there are places in my sewing room walk-in closet that have been packed so long that I don’t actually know what’s there.  It could be a pleasant trip down memory lane.  Or not. 

This was started by a friend’s Mom.


I’ve been holding it without any hope of ever having time to finish it.  So, it’s time to pass it on.  I have the lovely tablecloth pattern, the start of the tablecloth (I don’t know, 10 or 12 feet by 2 feet), and 14 (plus most of another) balls of thread.  I even have the crochet hook.  I will ship this to anybody that will promise to finish it.  Otherwise, I’m going to list it on ebay for the value of the balls of thread.  I like thread crochet, but a tablecloth is more than I am up to.  So, if you have a friend that does thread crochet or if you do it, then let me know.  More than one person and I’ll draw a name. 

Everybody have a great Monday.



Piece by Piece said...

I can relate to sorting out stuff. My DD2 came to my house a couple of weeks ago to help me carry the patio cushion container outside from the basement. She couldn't believe all the things that we had to climb over, so I have been sorting. Lots of stuff ready to fill the trunk of my car and taken to the garbage transfer station, which will likely cost me an arm and a leg. A pile ready for a yard sale.
Ho hum a sorting we will go.

Terri in BC said...

Hi, Lane: I have a friend who crochets who would probably be willing to take your project for the cost of shipping. Please email me at terri-fisher at shaw dot ca

Great job inspiring me to go through things, I got two more quilts basted last night, so that is a total of 6 in the past month!

Terri in BC

cindyquiltsOR said...

I would love to be able to offer your crochet project to a veteran for completion. I work with homeless women veterans, we have them in transition housing until permanent housing.

I crochet as well, so one of us would finish it.

Thanks for the offer, even if it doesn't come to Oregon!

Susan Entwistle said...

There must have been something in the air...I was also compelled to organize..mostly patterns and paperwork.

Carla said...

Wanna come organize my room. It's semi there but not completely. I just can't get motivated enough to do it. I get home from work and I'm ready for bed but first I have to cook.

If you get bored with your room come on down to Houston and you can start on mine. ;o)

Have a great day.