More plants from this weekend.

I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.  These tiny plants in their 2 and 3 inch pots just kind of stacked up on us.  The prices were good and Sydney and I kind of went hog wild.

The very next day, we were shopping for pots and Sydney got hers in their pots and on display.

These are in her bathroom.


Lots of reds and purples.


That last one is in the window in her shower.

And, these are in her bedroom.



We recently also bought her a latch hook rug.  It’s just hit and miss finding things that she’ll do.  And, trying to keep her from getting discouraged or burning out.

We wouldn’t really pay for any pots on Sunday, because nothing was on sale and it was all deadly expensive.  But, walking the dog yesterday morning, I found a really cool plastic bowl in someone’s trash, and not being too proud to pull an aqua colored bowl out of the trash and carry it home, I made one of Syd’s chores for the day be to drill a hole in the bottom of it and plant my new houseplants in it.


And, I’m thinking that if we can’t find bowls in the garden centers, this is certainly a good compromise and maybe we should be shopping in the dollar store.

Everybody be well and have a great Wednesday.  Feels much later in the week.  But, it’s not.

Oh, and it was 102 degrees in Austin yesterday.  I’m feeling sorry for a friend in Dallas, where it’s supposed to hit 110 today.  Holy Moly Weather Guy!



Kath said...

"went hog wild"

what a fabulous expression. I have GOT to get that into conversation tomorrow :-D

Rebecca Grace said...

That's a terrific idea, Lane. You're right that the planters at nurseries are outrageously expensive, but they really are just bowls with drainage holes in the bottom. Now I'm wondering what fun planters could be made from garage sale or thrift store vessels?

Coloradolady said...

Yes indeed...feel sorry for anyone up this way...it is beyond hot. When is fall??? Oh...yea...several months away~

Love your new plants, pretty!

MelissaSue said...

Heehee! My Mom is always pulling stuff out of people's trash. Then she complains about all the stuff her hubby won't get rid of. ha! Thanks for the giggle!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for recycling. I come from a family of 'trashers'. My mom would go through the trash bin for the decorating store behind our home. I would go through the trash at work if I show something interesting. And my brother would cruise the streets on trash day picking up items to fix and either sell or furnish his children's homes.
Thanks for sharing.