Sudie’s quilt scraps, part 1

Okay, so now there’s time for some pictures.  Not sure how there’s time, but there is.  Somehow, I managed to do all the things I needed to do this morning.

So, let's dig into Sudie's quilt scraps.  My friend LD went on a roadtrip to visit a friend recently and  came back with this box of quilt scraps that her friend had sent to me.  At this point, I don't know who Sudie is and I don't know how long she quilted.  There are some things in the box that I recognize and know are from the 30's through the 70's. 

The box contained several pieces of fabric that are large enough to serge and machine wash. 


So far, this is all I’ve identified as man made fibers.  That green and brown on the bottom reminds me of my Aunt Lucille.  I don't know why.  It's more like something my Grandmother would have worn.  Maybe it's something about the color.


I’ve hit some of the others with the iron already and know they are cottons.  Some have that soft cotton feel and I am confident they are cottons.  Others, I’ll have to check.  But, they’re very colorful and fun.  The big purple flowers in the lower left corner is a flour sack that still had the needle holes in it.  It’s selvages were only about 18 inches apart.


But, that’s not the best of it.  There was pieced work there, too.  There is an almost finished quilt top, a set of appliqued basket blocks and these:


Twelve finished and one in process.  See the one in the lower left and lower right?  The blue petals of the Dresden plate are in different places than all the others.  The unfinished one is the same.  I can't decide if it throws the pattern off or not.  Might have to be one of those odd men to the corners arrangements.


I’m pretty sure this came as a pre-cut kit and a printed, heavy muslin background.  The lines are there to applique the pieces on, and there are lines to show where to quilt.  You can see that the muslin was discolored from being in the cardboard box.  The picture below shows it after some good old Oxy-clean.

Did you notice that all the pastel fabrics are the exact same print?

I can't wait to get a pastel to join them.  I'm thinking orange because it's the only color not represented in the plates.  I’m going to do something to reinforce the stitching.  Not that any of them are coming apart, but they could use a little "smoothing out" with a colored thread (not black, green maybe) and some blanket stitching. 

That’s just one of the lovelies that came out of the box marked “Sudie’s quilt scraps”.  I hope to know more about Sudie soon. 

Be well and have a great Tuesday.  We're almost done with our project at work.  Yay!!! 



Becky said...

That was like going through a treasure chest!!! What wonderful surprises!! The Dresden Plates are adorable.

lw said...

Lucky! Love these fabrics, they're all over the place temporally speaking.

Rebecca Grace said...

How fun -- and more Dresden Plates for you! It's like Sudie packed them away, knowing you would find them someday. Quilty Karma or something. Lucky you!

Susan Entwistle said...

Oooh, oooh...I was just reading in one of the magazines this month about the garment factories in the midwest that used to sell their scraps in precut kits (some of these were 25 cents). They said if you see a quilt top where you have the same print in a bunch of different colors, you can be sure it was probably from one of these kits. Cool that you come up with one of those this month. I'm excited for you!