A very fun weekend

We had the best time this weekend; all three of us, and believe me, the older the she-beast gets, the harder it can be for everyone to be joyful at the same time.

Just kidding.


Anyway, the plan was to get up and get our chores done and our friends were coming down and we were going antiquing and to a plant nursery in Geronimo and Seguin (sageeeen), TX. 

The antiquing was good.  Rob and I didn’t buy much, but what we bought was big.  Anyway, then we all went to the garden center and Sydney found a grouping of plants that are in a green/pink combination for her room and I found some things I want to group into a pot in the dining room and Rob found this daylily and some other plants that we’ll be sharing over the next few days as they find new homes.


Rob and I found a favorite "catch and release" antique.  That’s one that you think is really great, so you catch a picture, but you’d never bring home in a million years, so it's a release.  We didn’t even look at the price.  I’d only have paid if they’d been charging people to photograph it, which I couldn’t resist.  Plastic and laminate and a lightbulb in the logs to look like a glowing fire.


Look inside.  Phonograph, 8 track, AM/FM radio and a bar.


When you open the door, the bar light comes on.  This may have actually been the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen.  I ttakes me way back in time, even though I didn’t know people who had bars…at least I don’t remember any.

When we were leaving the house, I reminded Rob that we were on the lookout for a dining table, just putting it out there for the universe.  In the first store, we found one. 

This is our old table. 


This poor drop leaf was never meant to be used the way we used it and it didn’t hold up well.


We had sprung the hinge locks over the 6 years we’ve had Sydney and both ends drooped down and the poor thing was loose and it creaked.  We couldn’t all cut steak at the same time without spilling water.

We have the china cabinet and 6 chairs in this style, so we really only wanted a table. 


And, we found it.  It has two posts and each of those has three legs.  I really love Mahogany Duncan Phyfe style dining room furniture.

When we put it together, we moved the legs toward the center, so we could more easily fit four chairs under it.  There was a long discussion about how we could reconfigure 6 table legs with 4 chairs that each had 4 legs (22 legs total) and make them all fit under a 40x60 inch space.  Yikes!
We were very excited to get it, tho.  The seller owns the antique mall and was ready to bargain.  She had rented the space it was occupying to a new vendor that was moving in later that day, and the table didn’t have a price.  I went to the front and asked if she could help me with a price.  She asked me to describe the table and I started.  She finished for me and we agreed we were talking about the same table.  She told us about needing the space and that she was highly incented to sell it.  How about $100?  I couldn’t pay her fast enough in case she thought better of it.

Another one of my projects was to hang the new kitchen curtains that I made a week earlier.  These are the old curtains.  They have tea and coffee pots to go with the cups that are the valance.


I’m going to remake these into the new rod configuration at some point because I like the darker curtains for winter. 

Here are the new ones.  Two tiers of winding vines with gold and green leaves growing all over. 

I am seriously in love with the two tiered look.

(Sorry about my countertops.  I could wait till there are no dishes on either side of the sink; dirty or clean, but then you might never see my new curtains.)

This is what they look like in the preferred configuration.


I wanted something I could close the bottom of during the week, but I still wanted to open the whole thing on the weekend.  But, most of the time, I wanted to leave the top openso I can see out when I’m doing that endless stream of dishes.

Well, my photo in-box says that’s all I have pictures of today.  We had great fun visiting with our friends and having lunch in a small town.  We’ll definitely go back to that nursery.  It was terrific and the prices were great!  And, I got some sewing done and baked Rob a cake in appreciation for loading and unloading and putting together my table.  And, all too soon, it was over and we were back to the workweek.

My work project got pushed back on Friday.  I really need it to be final today and sent in. 

Make one more change.  I dare ya’.  Just try to change the spelling.  And, if you mention another comma, I’m gonna to put that comma…



JoAnne said...

What a great deal on the table! You never say, but I know that you antique a lot, I'm wondering if Sydney enjoys it? Nowadays my daughter likes it, but she didn't when she was a teen. A bar over a fireplace? Sounds dangerous to combine alcohol and fire, but what a fun piece to see.

Kath said...

Cocktail cabinets and bars were very popular here in England at one time. My parents had a bar. My Dad made it in the 60's and it was curved, made from formica with some sort of mirrored insert. It had black legs with "brass" tips to them. My Mum considered herself very stylish with that in her sitting room :-D

I do like your little cups hanging above your window, they are very cute.

Becky said...

Wow, you really found some great treasures!! Love the curtains! Have a great week and hope the project comes to a conclusion!!
Love ya!

Thin Man Sewing said...

I think "catch and release" antiquing sounds fun.

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes I read all the posts that have popped up in my favorites and then go back and leave comments, rather than reading and commenting individually. Today was one of those days and there was a funny coincidence because the post I read just after yours also had a catch and release bar in a cabinet from the bloggers weekend thrifting. Yours was way more tacky.

Love your new daylily, your new table, your new curtains and your sunny yellow kitchen.

xo -E

qltmom9 said...

Your "she-beast" reminds me of dh's motto at times, "Let the Wookie win".

P. said...

Elizabeth told me about your folding bar, so I had to come see. We found one too this weekend and did the catch (a picture of) and release also. Yours sure has all the bases covered.

Nice table!

lw said...

Gosh-- that catch and release bar belongs in the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste. Very impressive find!

The new curtains are pretty, and I like the cafe style as well.

I love your new dining room table, it's beautiful.

Susan Entwistle said...

Great buy on the table. I wonder what they were charging for the 'entertainment' center. With the 8 track, it had to be from like the very early 70s? Not much before I wouldn't think. I can just picture that in the living room at Christmas, next to the aluminum tree, serving martini's to my friends, listening to Jethro Tull on the 8-track :)