Another finish

And, this one is a baby quilt. And, none too early. He's due on 04/15, a tax day baby. But, his Mama says he's gonna be two days late.
I like to make a pinwheel quilt for a baby boy. Just seems very appropriate and not overly frilly. And, this one was a lot of fun. There's an overall pattern that looks like wind to me that goes all over the pinwheels and then a swirl in the inner white border and then a rope in the blue outer border. After it was washed and everything shrank, it looks like a really old lumpy and wrinkly quilt. Looks soft and snuggly.
I've been watching The Blind Side, if you can call it watching. I've cried through the whole thing. A very good movie. And, a great story that's close to my heart. I cry because I see someone who was inspired to say yes before she asked why. That's exactly how we got Sydney. We said yes before we asked why. Some days that's a happy yes and I bless that day. Some days, I wish I'd taken a little more time to think. But, more importantly, for some reason, the universe gave us an opportunity to say yes without thinking about it. I don't want to make all my decisions that way. But, I'm glad we made that one the way we did.
And, while I cried, I dripped tears on all the new fabrics I bought in Minneapolis. I got it all serged and ready to wash and fell in love with it all over again. I'm not sure I can take that and cut it into inch and a half strips. The prints are just too pretty and I think they'd be lost cut up that small. So, maybe, instead, I'll find some older pattern that uses larger pieces and use those fabrics for it. A tone on tone will be best for the pattern I originally bought. Maybe a Batik.
And, we worked in the yard half the day. I was able to split a couple of things and spread them all around the yard and put some solid green background all around so maybe it won't look so bleak next winter.
Everything is back in it's place in the sewing room. Finally. I'm able to start a new week with everything cleaned up and a great sense of accomplishment. All ship shape and Bristol fashion.
Take care and have a great Sunday. I'll see you in blogland next week. Lane


Stephanie said...

Lane, this is great. Love the blue and the shape. Very nice. I saw the blind side in the theatre and we loved it. Kevin my DH cried along with me so don't worry your "normal" LOL. Have a great week. Steph

Quiltluver said...

Ohhh, that quilt is pretty. I love the colors.

Elizabeth said...

I love the baby quilt -- pinwheels, checkerboards and blue! Three of my favorite things. And I was glad to know that here is someone out there who serges the raw edges of their fabrics before they wash them. I get 'looks' and comments about that (lol). Sounds like you got lots done! Good for you!

Cynthia L. said...

Lane, I really like the pinwheels quilt. I think that it will be a well used quilt for the baby. I have not seen The Blind Side yet, but I know that I will cry during the whole movie also! I can understand how you would hate to cut up the new found material. Your heart will tell the what to do with the material.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I think the word love gets overused a lot...but I LOVE this quilt. Really.

I'm doing something similar to this in pastels (it's a slow process for me -my first foray into the world of triangles) and if mine looks half as good as this I'll be a happy little vegemite.

And sometimes the best decisions we make are the ones we don't overthink.

Michelle said...

Beautiful baby quilt. :-) Lucky mom!

I can relate to you not wanting to cut up your prettiest fabrics. I have that problem too.

lw said...

Ship shape and Bristol fashion! The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is one of my all time favorite movies (and one of the few without Bette Davis-- I adore Now, Voyager.)

Haven't seen the Blind Side yet, but I am also glad you decided to become Sydney's parents. Children need happy, stable homes and good memories; you're giving her all of that.

I love the baby quilt, simple but very elegant.