An old girl freshened up and a cautionary tale

Okay, let's start with the cautionary tale. I've started using ceramic lead to mark quilts. I've never had one bit of trouble with the white ones, but I used a green to mark this white fabric and it leaft a line. See it in the middle of all those curves? Thankfully, Rob checked it before he threw it in the dryer and brought it to me. A couple more washes and some scrubbing with a toothbrush and it was all good again, but for a little while? I was very worried.

We had the alarm man in today to resolve a problem with the system, so I had to move things around in the sewing room so he could get to the box in the closet. I had put a shelving unit in front of the main control panel. That was just asking for a problem that would require a service call, huh? Anyway, since most of my stuff had to come out anyway, I just pulled it all and went through it and got it all organized again. I have to do that about every three years. Whoohee, I'm tired of dust and fabric. It looks so neat in there right now. Too bad real life will happen in there and mess it all up again.

While I had this old girl in the middle of the room, I decided to give her a good oiling and see what she'd do. I cleaned and I oiled and I worked and I scrubbed with another toothbrush and got her all cleaned up. She's actually cleaner on the inside than my singer treadle. I've had her for at least 17 years. I can't find any information on her brand name, but lots of companies made rotary sewing machines in the 20's. Her serial number begins with a B, which a couple of manufacturers show to be 20's models. Not sure if she's one. She's in the cutest cabinet with turned legs. She needs a new veneer on the top, but other than that, the cabinet is in great shape. I've been using it to set other machines on top of. I could never figure out how to thread her. Now that I've played with older machines, I decided I'd give her a try and see what happened. Even today, I had to thread her several different ways before I could get her to make a stitch. Still having trouble inserting the needle to the correct height to make a stitch. Just something I haven't figured out yet.

I bought her at the only auction I ever went to. I didn't know a thing about antique sewing machines, and hadn't even looked at her before the auction, but she was going for like $8 when I bid and I ended up with her for about $12.

I have trouble threading her because the tension seems to be on the wrong side so the thread has to cross over itself on the way to the needle. It doesn't touch where it crosses, but I always have trouble making that happen in my head. It doesn't seem right somehow. So, if you know what I might be doing wrong, please let me know. I can post a higher resolution photo if it will help.

Wierdest thing? I bought this set of attachments recently when we were out antiquing and didn't look at them close enough. I thought they'd fit one of my Singer's and of course, they didn't. I was sorry that I'd wasted $15 on them. And, today, I saw that they fit this machine instead. I am much happier now.

And, this little pic was just to test out a new camera I bought today. As you can tell, a very clear picture. Much more so than the camera I was using before. Maybe now I can get better pictures of my quilts.

Okay, that's it for today. I've seriously been working in the sewing room all day. Take care and I'll try to post some pics of the stash tomorrow. I knew I shouldn't have turned out the light in that closet because stash and coathangers reproduce in the dark. And, it's gotten way outta hand. I'm going to need to make some more charity quilts. A lot more charity quilts.



Tammy said...

Good Morning Lane,
The old girl looks great. I suggest you contact Kathy at sew classic for threading instructions for her.
I'm pretty sure the thread should not cross over itself. Congrats on the new camera, new toys are so much fun.

Vesuviusmama said...

How neat that those attachments fit the old girl! And yay for cleaning and reorganizing, but I swear you do that every other weekend...

Shirley said...

What a neat sewing machine! I wonder if an antique dealer would know anything more about it. The company that made it and possibly a manual or something. What a stroke of luck that the attachments fit it! Beautiful flower.. rhododendron?

Elizabeth said...

Ha, ha, stash and coat hangers. That's funny. I'll have to remember that one.