Forward Momentum

When we finally get it together and get it in motion, nothing stops us...

but ourselves.

At least that's true in my family.

It's spring here and again, I spent time cleaning up the flowerbeds. This is a long term project for me because just when I get one thing cleaned up, it makes the thing next to it look bad. The feedback I've been getting from Sydney is that my flowerbeds lack color. Now, you have to understand that she's giving this as very serious and grown up gardening advice, so it's hard not to giggle. I tried to point out the things that are in bloom and talk about how, except from Jan 15 to Feb 15, there's always something in bloom in my garden. Right now, it's a fuschia pink Witch Hazel and a bright blue ground cover. Small spots of color in beds that are just starting to wake up. But, she thinks they should have color all the time...well, colors other than green. So, we bought her some snapdragons to get her started and I picked up a couple of things that will bloom good later in the spring and stand up to the heat of summer. And, we got this year's snow peas planted...late again.

Next weekend, we're going to replace the path from the deck to the greenhouse. It's a brick path now and is going to be stepping stones. I need the brick in the back garden to finish the path that takes me through the flowerbeds without getting my feet muddy. So, it's going to be stepping stones, filled around with mulch and a small border of cast iron plant along the edge of the house. This was supposed to be one of last year's projects but the idea got postponed. Not gonna let it get postponed again, even if I have to do the work myself.

I also spent all the time I could quilting. I traced that wind quilting motif and cut it as a stencil out of plastic. It's probably my most used motif and I've always had to trace it every time I used it. Then, I pin basted the baby quilt I'm going to use it on and started the ditch work. And, I'm sewing the sleeve on my spring quilt to get it hung in the sewing room. Oh, how I regret not sewing sleeves on all those projects as I finished them. Seems that now, everytime I want to hang something, I have to put a sleeve on it. Be glad when that boring work is done. I even have trouble doing now when I finish a quilt, tho. I want it finished and hung and those last two steps are a drag on production.

It would be nice to get to start something new. I've been collecting 30's reproductions for a quilt I have in mind. I pulled them out to see what I had and was pleasantly surprised to find quite the collection. But, they were calling to me and tormenting me, so I locked them in a dark closet with the rest of the stash. Now, that may have been a mistake because I know that stash and coathangers reproduce in the dark and I could end up with a profusion of pastel prints, totally by accident.

Take care, have a great Monday. If you're getting to quilt, put in a few stitches for me. Lane

P.S. If you live or shop in Minneapolis/St Paul, please let me know your favorite quilt shop. I'm coming up for a couple of days later this month and am taking one day just for me. Me, me, ME! lw


oldbatt said...

There are a few that stand out - Bear Patch Quilt Shop in White Bear Lake, Rosebud's cottage in St. Paul and depending on how far you want to drive - Gruber's in St. Cloud. My favorite is farther up north - Seams Like Home Quilt shop in Sturgeon Lake. Enjoy your time in MN! Lisa

Snooze said...

i like the idea of fabric reproducing in the dark ... kinda creepy but funny too. have a great time shopping in new fabric stores. i got to do that a little myself over the weekend and it's far too much fun

Shirley said...

It was almost time to work in the yard here but a storm is hanging over our heads and it's too cold to be out there. Husband and son got the back lawn cut last weekend but I haven't done the front yet. Sydney would love my pink camellia. It's overgrown it's usefulness but it sure does produce blooms! And my pink magnolia is about to burst into bloom too. Other than that my gardens are green too.