Happy Friday

Well, Spring Break is almost over. Monday and Tuesday, Rob took off and he and Sydney had a fun time. Then, I took off on Wednesday and we wen to the fair at the rodeo grounds where Sydney got this. Don't worry, it's temporary and has to be gone by Monday when she goes back to school, but so far, it shows no signs of fading.
We all had a blast walking through the barns and checking out the animals. Of course, Sydney was baffled about why they'd wash and blow dry a cow. Ahhh, the smell of composted manure brought back old memories for me and Rob, both.
Yesterday, I pulled out a little house quilt I started last year and I worked on that early and late and Sydney and I alternated between working on her science project and working in the yard in the middle. And, I've had to work for work some, but have made sure that didn't interfere with her break.
Now, I'm about to pull out my muddy shoes and get back out there. It's the last day this week we'll be able to. Take care and have a great Friday. Lane


Piece by Piece said...

So glad you and your family have had some time together this week. That tatoo is beautiful, thank goodness it is only a temp one. I hate to tell you this but my granddaughter had one of those, however, it took a loooong time to wear off, even after scrubbing at it.

Have a great day.

Shirleymac said...

Sounds like fun but I'm with Sydney.. why would anyone blow dry a cow? I think drying my own hair takes a long time. Cows are HUGE. The tattoo is pretty. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for getting it off more quickly.

Cynthia L. said...

The tatoo is great - I am sure that Sydney is proud to wear it. My daughter has one on her very low back, which is only seen in the summer when she is wearing her swim suit. I don't have a problem with tatoos (I have one), but I have always felt they should be in a place where they can be covered up.

It sounds like you all had a wonderful spring break. I look forward to seeing photos of the quilt you are talking about. I too, will be working in the yard this weekend.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Two Words: Rubbing Alcohol.

(Wish that worked with the one Miss Pyjamas has on the base of her neck. That one's there for life)

Glad everyone enjoyed the fair.

And Cynthia, I had no idea you were such a wild child. You're getting more interesting by the second!