Back where I belong...but do I have to stay here?

Umm, so nice to come home. All quiet, everyone asleep. I slipped into my jammies and brushed my teeth and settled into my own bed...Ahhhhhh! Sound sleep.

Then, this morning, Rob comes marching into the sewing room: Sydney blah, blah, blah failing school, blah, blah, blah, backtalking, blah, blah, blah, posed like a swimsuit model in a picture at the school dance. And, me sitting there all peaceful, handstitching a sleeve on a quilt, and staring at him with my mouth open. How can so much have happened in just 30 hours?????

I got him off to work and woke up the demon and handed her the vacuum cleaner, knowing it would provoke all the sighing and moaning typical of a pre-teen girl. At which point, I cracked down like a bear trap and reminded her I'd been warning her for a week to chill it out or we'd tighten down and now it was time. Bad grades and backtalk won't cut it here.

Next I go to the kitchen where I find the dishes from the three meals they ate (two of which I cooked before I left) all stacked and waiting for me to wash. What the h*##!

Grrrr. That hotel is looking better and better.

Next, I took away her most precious thing (next to the puppy of course), the 4th Twilight book. When grades come up, she gets the book back. Then, it was time to start emailing the teachers. First, math. Some of the problems I helped her with were marked wrong on last week's homework, "where did I lead her wrong?" Then, the librarian, "don't let Sydney check this book out because we took it away as a consequence." Next the choir teacher "I know you want an answer, but I can't tell you whether Sydney can come to the pizza party next week, it depends on whether she stops the pre-teen attitude".

All that's left is figuring out whether they're going to let her play volleyball next year. What? You don't want her to play because she can't pay attention in gym class? Why do you think I want her to play volleyball? So she'll learn to pay attention in gym class.

And, I forgot it was Vintage Thingies Thursday, so no post for that. RATS!!!

I fly from the computer to the dentist where I got VERY good news, I've almost beaten back my periodontal disease...Yeah!!!! But, hmmm. The only good news is all about me.

And, then to the office where I'm frantically trying to finish the document that has to go to the state tomorrow.


How I miss the serenity of that hotel room, even with all it's little inconveniences. I picked up the phone and someone brought me food. And, when I was done, I put the dishes outside and someone came and got them. Someone came and made the bed and scrubbed the tub and when things were broken, a man came and fixed them for me. I didn't have to worry about a thing.

Let's see, maybe business travel ain't so bad after all. When can I get away again?

I hope this conveyed the frantic pace of my life. I know a bunch of you are parents to small children. Remember, when they get a little older, there are hotel rooms all over the country. Hey, it's an alternate choice to a padded room and a straighjacket...

Can I get an Amen from the parents of the teens out there?



Leah Day said...

I don't have a teenager yet, but I'll give you an big "AMEN" all the same.

I can remember what my dad went through when me and my 2 sisters were growing up. Poor guy was outnumbered 3 to 1 and the hormones ruled that house like a roller coaster!

You're doing the right thing though, but I might draw the line with the dishes. Make a chore list and become the Enforcer. It might make for a happier homecoming!



Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

"Hey, it's an alternate choice to a padded room and a straighjacket..."

Thank you Lane for making me laugh before I finished my first cup of coffee this morning.

Patricia said...

Amen!!!!! As a mother of 5 and grandmother of 6, I can tell you with assurance, that it will get better!!!!

Angela said...

Amen from me too! As a mom to 12-year-old triplets (going on 16, at the least the two girls!), so yes, I completely understand where you are coming from!

Lisa said...

aaaaaaammmmmmeeeeeeennnnnnnn. ;) we're down to the last teen of 5 and i'm grateful. EXCEPT last teen got her driver's permit today. THAT's a load of fun. they ALREADY know it all and now they're behind the wheel of a weapon. oh goodie. keep grinning, this too shall pass.