Not feeling very inspired right now...

Maybe it's the hectic pace I've been living at for the last few weeks. Or, maybe it's all the clean in the sewing room (do I need chaos to feel creative???). Or, perhaps it's the beautiful cool, clear weather that's making me want to be outside.

Either way, I am not feeling very "quilt-y" lately. As I was stitching the binding down on the baby quilt I found a couple of broken quilting threads. Took me two days to getting around to hunting them down again to correct them. And, I'm slowly picking at the pile of stuff that didn't have a home that's left from the recent cleaning. Very slow. Like finding a place for a couple of things a day kind of slow. Unfortunately, that homeless pile is on the extension arm of the quilting machine table, so I can't repair the baby quilt until I at least move the stuff. At this pace, that baby may be born and in 1st grade by the time I get those stitches repaired.

Other than that? It's just a really blah day. I think that part's directly related to the hectic pace. I just need some space to slow down in and get readjusted. So, I'm going to do some really boring work with my headphones turned up really loud and see how the day progresses. Who knows. A little rest may be just the inspiration I need.

Take care and have a great Tuesday. Lane


Coloradolady said...

I am with you....we are going on vacation in May and it can not come quick enough...even though it is a working vacation...still it is vacation!! I have spring fever bad, HAVE to do the binding on that quilt for my son today..NO MATTER I am not into it right now!!

I am wanting to start another project that I need finished right away...but have to finish the unfinished ones first. I am going to make a Barn Quilt block to hang on the side of our shed at our cabin in Colorado...I know what you are thinking...that is not a barn, but it is the closest thing I have to a barn and want to make one to take with us in May...and I got the bright idea I'd make a quilt wall hanging to mimic the square on the outside....Ha! So I need to get it in gear, the outside block for the shed will be a massive undertaking in and of itself....but I have the fabric already cut for the inside project! I need a quilting buddy to keep me motivated!!! Hang in there....surely we will get back on track!

CC said...

Perhaps you have a case of season changing blahs..and just need to sit out a couple of days and recharge. I have so many things to do,so many things to work on, from needlework to shadow boxes,and yet..I'm not focused enough to carry through with any of it. I've a very bad case of the blahs, maybe a good kick in the rear would work for me.
I'll be watching to see how you cope and manage..perhaps I can gain some insight from you.
Meanwhile...good wishes and hugs. I so enjoy your writing and following as your quilts progress.

Unknown said...

Blah days are no fun. I seem to be having some of them also. Sometimes I am so busy that all I can think about is having some down time and when that down time finally gets here, I just don't know what to do with myself. Funny how that is. I hope that you are able to get back in a good pace and get back to quilting!