Friday's update on all my stuff.

Well, we've got the demon tamed (for a little while), although she did get a surprise backpack search this morning and lost a pair of shoes that she's not supposed to wear to school. They have a strict dress code and these shoes don't meet it. I wonder what she was going to do if she got caught and the school called me??? I know. I know. She didn't think about that.

And, I got to see the school dance picture last night and I'll tell you, that girl is growing up too fast. She was in an awfully adult pose (think Betty Grable as a pinup). All I could think to say was "that picture tells me you aren't ready for boy/girl parties yet." But, I know that everybody messes up and it's my job to teach her to act like a young lady and this gave me a great example of behavior we don't want that I can try to nip now and maybe not have to fight about when she's older and better developed. I didn't treat this as bad because I know where it was modeled for her, but I will take it as an opportunity to teach her something different. Starting with no more hoodie, shirt tucked in and some pride in appearance. Didn't think I'd have to teach that to a girl. I was depending on peer pressure, but that's not happening fast enough for me.

I'm starting to see this as a see-saw ride where she jockeys for adult power and I force her into submission. Back and forth. Tried to explain that to Rob this morning, but am not sure he's getting it. He thinks this is something we can stop. Yeah. Just like we can stop her from getting taller.

On a more relaxed note, I got the sleeve on the Storm in my Garden quilt this morning and plan to get the label on tonight and hang it in the living room. I need to put a sleeve on my spring quilt and get it hung in the sewing room, but most of my time is going to be spent on prepping the pinwheel baby quilt for quilting. I haven't decided quite how to mark that quilt yet. I'm going to be using a wind pattern that I traced off one of my mentor's quilts onto clear plastic. I've used that many times by paper marking, but I really don't want to go to the trouble of making 6 needle-punched, paper copies of a 24x36inch motif. I'd rather chalk mark but don't trust my chalks to wash out of a white quilt. So, again, after all my searching for the perfect marking tool, I'm searching again for another one that's perfect for this project.

And, I refused to get on the scale this morning. That bacon in Minneapolis was so delicious, and I had it at more than one meal. I didn't go crazy, but did decide that after two airport junk food meals and all the wonderful sandwiches and potato salad and pasta salad I had up there, I deserved a break from the weigh-in.

Soooo, unless I lose points for wishing I could get away from my family and go back to a hotel, I think I'm okay on all my NY resolutions for yet another week. And, if anybody wants to take off points for wishing, I'm glad to swap for a week, but I'll warn you, Aunt Flo comes next week.

Hmmm, yet another reason to go to a hotel.

Have a great Friday. I know I'm getting lots of hits and new followers are joining up every day. If you think to, please leave a word of encouragement, just so I'll know you were here. I know my blog is all over the place with old stories and vintage things and quilting and raising my demon child. Just want to make sure I'm still making you smile and not putting you to sleep. Mama taught me not to come across as a complainer. ;-)



Shay said...

She'll get the pride in appearance thing Lane. And then you'll be up for brand name clothes on a weekly basis.

Happy Quilting! I'm going to try and get some done this weekend.

Unknown said...

Complainer? Heck no.

You share life that's real, which means ups AND downs.

No one expects you to have gorgeous quilt photos, perfect stories of family bliss, and interesting vintage junk to share every week.

That would just be abnormal...

Cheers on the weird clothes. If she's anything like me, the dyed hair phase will start soon.

I believe I went through purple, indigo, green, and then back to indigo, and I still ended up okay!

Leah Day

John Going Gently said...

finally caught your blog!!!!

Patricia said...

Just keep saying---"it will get better" (although sometimes it will get worst first). I remember when my daughter (at 16) wanted purple hair until I said, "sure--as long as you pay for it and realize your hair may not match your clothes, and I am not buying new ones". I have a 16 year old granddaughter who wanted to wear her pj's, robe and slippers into the store a couple of months ago. I said sure, if you can stand people staring at you and wondering from what hospital you escaped. I really took her by surprise when I didn't protest AND she hasn't worn that outfit with me again! I walked ahead of her, like I didn't know her, and watched her endure all the looks (thank goodness it was in a quilt shop full of moms or grannies like me and they understood perfectly).

I will send positive thoughts your way.

Coloradolady said...

I had to laugh....these are the best of times, you may not realize it now...but trust me dear friend they are!!! I'd like to see the dance photo...I am sure she was not the only one striking that pose!!! I mean...seriously....that is just what girls do....at this age! Have a great weekend, hope you get lots of sewing done, I took tomorrow off, so I hope to sew some during the day!!

lw said...

Lane-- Patricia's approach is likely to be the most successful. Like you were telling Rob, it's like a seesaw.

Leah's likely right about the hair colors. My oldest went through a lot of hair-dying. I remember the fushia the best. A little four year old came up to her in the mall and asked her if she was the "little mermaid." The look on the little child's mother's face-- terror because the tot had strayed right into the arms of my 15 year old punk, and then relief when Madelaine turned out to be nice to her little one.

I loved the part of the Thursday blog where you came home to a sink full of dirty dishes-- oh, the memories! Whenever I come back from a trip, the place needs about four-six hours of work just to be livable, even if I'm only gone two days.

Shirley said...

Have yourself a good sleep in this weekend Lane, you deserve it. Just think how boring life would be without Sydney adding some excitement. I forgot about the coloured hair. When my daughter tried it it wasn't so much in vogue yet. Took me months to get the blue koolaid off the tub. At least now there's legit hair colour that doesn't stain so much - as long os you rinse it off right away.

DeAnna said...

We learn so much with rising children. You sound like you are doing a great job and handling issues as they arise and I've learned that's the trick. Nip it as it happens. And watch those peers...as you know sometimes they teach what you may not want you child to learn! Have fun with the quilting. You always do such an excellent job!

wordmama said...

I have commented before. I always love your quilts and stories about how you decide to quilt them, etc. I'm usually terrible jealous of your flea market/antique finds. (I'd love to go shopping.) And I love the stories about your family and raising your daughter. My son is 11, but showing all those teen rebellion signs. My parents never let me develop my own style as a teen. In fact, I dressed more like my mom's era because they thought that was "proper". Now I know the "right way" to dress, but also understand that purple hair won't kill anyone either. It's good to teach decorum. It comes in handy all the time.

Lisa said...

You'll want to watch the peer pressure too - depends on which peers are pressuring whether you're getting the "right" motivation. Sorry to be a downer, but it's REALLY tough raising girls these days. And I'm with ya.....either I want to hit a motel alone or I want EVERYBODY in my house to go away for the weekend and leave me alone. ;) Waaaa. Some days are like that I guess. Least I sewed for a little today and I'm loving my current project. Chin up. And I will too.