My age is showing

I am definitely too old to travel with this group. They're all so much younger than me and they can stay up late at night and drink and play and party. I can't. Fortunately, I know that and I don't try. But still I'm exhausted.

Yesterday's presentation went off without a hitch and then the caravan back from Minneapolis to St. Paul. It was a much nicer drive by myself on Tuesday when I wasn't having to try to follow several other cars. And, I was in the rear, so I missed every green light and was flying to catch up for lane changes and exits. Then an hour to relax and we started the whole happy hour and dinner thing again. They left to go watch a basketball game at a club and I came up to the room.

But, for some reason, I cannot get warm. I don't feel bad, but I got a chill sitting in the lounge last night and just haven't gotten warm since. I keep fiddling with the thermostat, but the air out of the unit is tepid at best, so I slept in a polar fleece shirt, under the hotel comforter and blanket. But, tonight, it's back to my own bed and my own personal heating unit that sleeps in it with me.

Funny story. My bag was tight as a tick yesterday with all my stuff and all that fabric. So, last night, I sealed all the fabric in ziploc bags and sat on it to squeeze out the air and sealed it up. It takes much less space now and I feel like I can get that bag in an overhead compartment without delaying boarding too much. Or maybe I'll get lucky again and my boss will be upgraded and I'll get to check it for free.

Okay, off to the showers to prep for another busy day. Gonna pull my smile outta my pocket and show it to all these nice people. Nicey nice thoughts to everyone. Lane


Sunshine said...

I'm having a great image in my mind now, of you sitting on the Ziploc bags (great idea, by the way - I've heard of the principle for clothing) - I can't help imagining the packages like fart-pillow though :)


Becky said...

Enjoy being back home.....we're headed that way today....will finally be there tomorrow. I will actually get to spend a week at home!!

Piece by Piece said...

Living in a hotel for a couple of days, makes one really appreciate the comforts of home.
I've done the sitting on plastic bags and suitcase thing,while I have been travelling. Its amazing how much air you can squeeze out. (Out of the bags, I mean) lol

oldbatt said...

People always think Minnesotans are SO nice but I can tell you they really are not. They are on the surface but when we moved back here from CO I couldn't buy a friend and we have been in the same house for 8 years and still I don't have enough money to buy a good friend. Good thing I still had friends from when I lived here for most of my life! I'm not trying to be negative but it was such an eye opener from someone who grew up here and then moved back. One of my friends summed it up this way - people here will invite you over to dinner but when push comes to shove they really don't want to have you over for dinner - it's just a way to seem nice. Glad you will be home tonight - have a safe trip! Lisa

lw said...

The best part of a trip is coming home. Remember, don't think about the dirty dishes, think about the warm bed.

Shirley said...

It's almost worth going away to get to come home. I never thought of sitting on the bags to get all the air out! Great idea. I have some of those space bags that I keep some of my quilts in. You suck the air out of them with a vacuum cleaner. Hope you're nice and warm now.