Spring's promise

Okay, guess I won't be seeing things like this for a couple of days.


Coming soon to a backyard near you, it's Spring!! If it's happening here, it's bound to be happening to you soon. Very soon. Just keep saying that, over and over. Spring is very soon.

The trees will begin to make leaves (okay, so this one is in the potting shed, but other trees are sprouting, too. they just weren't as easy to get to as this one.)

The lemon trees are even in bloom, getting ready to start making lemons that we'll enjoy in December and January.

Things are starting to sprout from the ground.

And, the daffodils are blooming. Too bad I don't have more, but it's just this one, lonely daff this year. (bulbs don't do well here. they have to be dug every year or they rot unless they're in a VERY well drained area and my back yard is not well drained.)

Okay, so now, you have a reminder of things to look forward to. Take care and have a great day. If there's an internet connection in the hotel room, you'll get to hear all about how cold it is in MN.
I'm going to be gone all of 30 hours and normally, my family would be acting like I was headed out west on a wagon train. But not this time. I used to find it annoying that they clung to me and cried because I was leaving for three days. Seeing it as a non-event might be more annoying. Sydney's departure? Me: I'll see you tomorrow night. Her: "K. See ya'" as she trod to the bus stop. Not even sure I got a hug and a kiss.


Piece by Piece said...

Thanks for showing your plants that are coming to life in your garden, Spring can't be too far away. Some of the snow has melted in my front garden and low and behold, my daffodils are just breaking ground.
I am sure you will be welcomed by your family when you get home

oldbatt said...

I hope you will enjoy it here in MN. I have to say you are lucky because we are really having some good weather for this time of year. If you get a car and can get away there are so many fun quilt shops in Mpls and St. Paul. Enjoy! Lisa

lw said...

Looks like you're working your way out of a job-- like all good parents-- by helping Sydney to become a confident, independent girl.

So how cold is it in MN?