Busy weekend

Yikes! This was the busiest weekend. Any my back and legs are shouting at me. Slow down. Sit down. Stop! But, there's no rest for the weary. Today there's work.

Yesterday, I made two quiche, two small lasagna, a big batch of chicken and dumplings, Suzanne's potato soup. Saturday, I made chicken/noodle/vegetable soup. Easy things to eat for the patient's recovery and stuff that will fill up her 20 year old son.

I sent Rob for burgers for lunch and for dinner, we sampled. A little of this and a little of that. And for dinner Saturday nite, we took my friend out for Mexican food.

I guess I went a little overboard. I tend to do that when I'm worried. Not that I'm worried about my friend. Her procedure is pretty routine with a relatively short recovery time; about 3 weeks. But, this whole sitting at the hospital waiting room and being with her on her first day home is a little wierd for me. I don't really do a lot of that. Haven't done it at all since...

Well, the last person died. Not from anything I did. He was dying when I met him. I'm a really good nurse. I pay attention to the professionals and can imitate most anything they do. I pay attention to the patient, my friends. I keep up with meds. And, I let people rest. And keep them fed.

But it's still wierd. And, a little uncomfortable.

It's odd how life goes around, here to there, life to death. It helps to have a pragmatic attitude on health and to see life as fragile. I mean, it's a wonder the earth stays in orbit around the sun and that we all survive on a daily basis. A miracle in fact. But, then we're just little dots in time, here today, gone tomorrow.

This summer has been full of thoughts about how fragile life is. How fragile our bodies are. How short our time is. First, David died. Then, the dogs. Now my friends surgery.

I always say I'm blessed. Truly blessed. Bad things don't happen to me very often. It comes from good living, a karma account that I make sure keeps a positive balance, and a perspective that lets me see things for what they are; not good, not bad, but just the passing events of life.

So, I'll take my really good Emilie Richards book to the hospital and I'll take my hand quilting to my friends house. And, I'll pass the time while I make sure she's comfortable and has clean sheets and good food and that her pets are distracted and that the TV is always on a good channel. That's how I roll. And, I'll be uncomfortable being in the role of caretaker again. But, I'll do it with a happy heart.

Speaking of happy heart, yesterday, while I was washing that mountain of dishes from all that cooking, Sydney was sent in to help me dry. She gave a really big preteen sigh, like she was really being put out. I wasn't up for that, and said that I was doing this for our friend and that I was feeling really good about it. If she couldn't do a good deed by helping me do a good deed, she needed to leave instead of being grumpy and bringing me down. God, I love that kid. There wasn't another word of complaint about anything. Life's good.

On another note, I'm thinking about writing a piece of quilt fiction and publishing it on my blog in installments. Working my way through it. I know you all have encouraged me to keep writing. This would be a whole new direction. I think it could be fun. Maybe just one day a week. Because I have too much to say the rest of the week, what with way back weds and VTT and the many boring details of life.

Take care and have a great Monday. I'm actually looking forward to getting to sit down for the day. Lane


Cynthia L. said...

Lane, you are indeed a good friend. Having someone like you around will help your friend heal faster. All of the cooking you are doing sounds wonderful. It is a gift to do what you are doing and I know your karma bank is overflowing.

I think you should post about your book. I bet it will be intersting reading! I look forward to it.

Becky said...

Boy Howdy! I am so ready to read your book!! This is exciting! Have a restive time while taking care of your friend. She is one lucky critter to have you! Sydney is turning into a wonderful young lady. As with all kids her age...she has to be reminded about the important things in life....and once reminded they usually respond with much caring.
Hugs, Becky

wordmama said...

Your thoughtfulness is inspiring. I'm glad your daughter gets to learn how to give. It's a very important life lesson.

lw said...

Hmmm...you could get a book out of using your posts for the last couple of years and filling in the back story. I do love the idea of you writing a book-- you don't say, Sydney got bored, you show us an image of her sitting with a foam cup, cutting drawings into it with her fingernail.

I hope your friend will be okay, and soon.

Elizabeth said...

I have a 10 year-old I'd like to send you for a bit of an attitude adjustment {lol}.

That is so nice of you to do all that cooking. Home cooked is SO much better than take-out, especially when recovering from surgery.

xo -E

Sunshine said...

Oooh, when's that quilt fiction starting? Can't wait :)


Vesuviusmama said...

Your life is anything but boring, at least the way you present it. And I promise you, if you write, I will read!