Equally disappointed.

Well, I think we've done a pretty good job of making sure everyone we encountered was left equally disappointed. This is actually a good thing. We managed not to really disappoint anyone...well, I managed to disappoint myself pretty good by picking a fight with Rob. And, some of the really mean things I said probably left him feeling pretty disappointed with me. But, I left everybody else with just a general disappointment.

My parents were disappointed they didn't get enough time with me. Our friends were disappointed they didn't get enough time with us. My Aunt was disappointed I didn't let my daughter spend a whole day of our family vacation with her. The auction house and the antique shops were disappointed they didn't get much of my money.

Ya' know. There was one person who wasn't disappointed with me this weekend. The hotel maid got a nice tip. She had two days of cleaning up after us to do, and she deserved it.

There's just not enough time to do more than one thing in a single trip and we tried to pack it in like Chevy Chase in the first vacation movie. But, we didn't end with his level of disaster. I think my little group had a pretty good time.

But, ya know, the dog behaved and the kid behaved and Rob and I took a walk in the park behind the hotel and I did a lot of apologizing. I have a new medicine cabinet, and I have a new sewing machine, and tomorrow we go back to our real lives. I guess I did actually squeeze all the damn fun there was out of this weekend trip.

Y'all take care. If you're back at work tomorrow...well, you won't have to worry about that bright red ford truck passing you at half the speed of light.



Vesuviusmama said...

Oh, Lane, that little bit of disappointment everyone feels because they didn't see enough of you is a good thing. Always leave them wanting more, don't ya know? And I can't think of a vacation where Adam and I didn't snipe at each other; it is just part of vacation. Glad you were able to squeeze every bit of fun out of this vacation.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, Lane...I can so relate....Must have been something in the air....I had a pretty nasty attitude this weekend..heck I still do.....and you can guess who got the brunt of that....even if deserving!

I am going now to sew on a quilt top....I need to retreat into my own world and forget the weekend....

Glad you guys had a good time...it is hard to please everyone!!! sometimes pretty darn hard to please yourself! Take care...<3

Becky said...

So many "dust-ups" in everyone's life are due to unmet expectations. We are all guilty of seeing/imagining how each situation we head into would be perfect....only no situation meets those lofty ideals! It puts pressure on everyone all the way around...to the disappoint-ors and the disappoint-ees alike. Just fix things up with Rob (and it sounds like you did) and just chalk it up as a learning experience! Love ya! Becky

Cynthia L. said...

Glad your vacation was good overall. Being with family is always stressful. Big and I always fuss with each other on vacation. It is like it has to happen in order for us to really let go and have fun.

I love to go away, but I love to come home even more!

oldbatt said...

I agree with Erin - better to have them wanting more than wanting you to leave! Being "home" again can be fun but it's hard because all the memories - good and bad - are hard to live up (or down) to. Always nice to be home again. Best, Lisa