More pics

Here are some more of the blocks from the batik sampler. This was a quilt I made in a $5 block offering at my local quilt shop. I've done her $5 quilt for the last 3 years, but didn't do this year's. This year, I've been focused on finishing UFO's and honing skills instead of starting new projects. My goal is to do a variation of feathers and curves in each block.

This block still has the blue marker in it. You can see that I needed it to fit in the complex feather arrangement and I also found that my curves get way to "curvy" if I don't mark them in advance.

And, in this one, you can barely see the feathers in the green and purple pieces.

And, I think I'll probably rip out the center of this feathered circle and give myself a little more help to free motion the feathers back in. I only drew on one circle and quilted from it to the outside edge. But, when I got to the inside, I didn't have a guide to moderate the size of the feathers. If I'd drawn a smaller circle in the center, I could have brought my feathers to that and they would be less variable in size.

And, this is the picture I meant to post yesterday of the new layout on the drunkard's path. I realized that even this doesn't have the new fabrics in the center and I've never seen the whole quilt layed out with them. I hope they work. It's the same fabric as the four corners. Moving all the blues to the center made the quilt look less scrappy. There wasn't enough variation to go for a truly scrappy look, but there was too much to go for a matchy-matchy look. This has been a hard quilt to fall in love with because of that. It might make a great holiday gift this year.

Take care and have a great Tuesday. We'll see ya round the net. Now, do we take our own coffeepot on vacation? I was taught, if I take everything I own on every trip, I'll always have everything I need. I've gotten away from that on business travel (the guys I travel with compete to see who can bring the smallest suitcase), but what about travel with the family? Should I? Shouldn't I? What if the pot in the hotel room only makes one cup at a time? Someone's going to be left very grumpy while we wait for that second cup to brew. I'd hate that to be me. Lane


Becky said...

I can almost guarantee that the hotel pot will be the Junior size.....it will make a half a cup for each of you to drink while another pot is brewing. Personally, if you have room for the pot...take yours. Where are you going for vacation?

Coloradolady said...

I love your holiday quilt...I hope I can find the time to even start the one I have cut strips for! I recognize the fabrics....and it is a favorite!! Take the coffee pot....you will be glad you did! Have a wonderful vacation.....when you guys decide you want to venture to Colorado let me know.....you know you will have a great place to stay!!

lw said...

Wow-- that's a totally different look for the drunkard's path; I like both. I love how the purple and green block's feathers were integrated.

Take the coffeepot. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Cynthia L. said...

I love the quilting on your $5 blocks. The drunkards path layout is great.

I say take the coffee pot! I always take my down comforter. I can't stand to sleep under anything else. My friends laugh at me, but who cares!

Eli, Cattails Quilts said...

I really like this layout for the Drunkard's Path. It's far more... balanced? than the other layout, easier on the eye. I like it!

Mistea said...

The drunkards path layout is gorgeous. Such a versatile block can make it difficult to decide which way to go.

Take the coffee pot - I'm with you I would not want to be the one to have to wait!

Elizabeth said...

Love the drunkard's path. Please put me on your Christmas list.

xo -E