Dio de los muertes

Yes, we are dead tired. This morning, we took a ride around the old hood. I took them to the church I grew up in and the high school and the old house and the scenic riverside drive along the levee where all the beautiful old river houses still are. But, it all looks so...sad. Lots of run down and rotten and overgrown. An old lady showing her age. Where makeup doesn't cover the cracks anymore. And, paint won't repair rotten floor beams...
Here are Syd and I in front of my high school auditorium. If you click, you'll see the cool old 30's era lettering and architecture.

And, this is the old church.
And, then it was off to the quilt store. Love this little store. It's in an old house that she's added onto for a large classroom.
But, we just weren't in the mood to shop and even tho there were few customers, there was just too much going on between the employees and there was a lady there with a beautiful dresden plate that her mother had pieced. They were going to have it meander quilted with a heavy sheet on the back and then they were trying to pay to have it bound. I nearly chewed a hole in my tongue as I listened to them tell the lady everything she didn't know...and while it was every single bit true, I think I could have made it work cheaper. But, sharing that wouldn't have made me very popular, would it? Sydney had to have the cupcake pincushion pattern, so I told her I expect a cushion before school starts. Anybody wanna bet?
Then, it was to Antique Alley. Now, normally, that's way cool, but we just were not into it this year. All the stores we really enjoyed last time we were here weren't there anymore. And, the ones there wer just so expensive. But, I managed to get a salt shaker to match a pepper shaker that came free with some other things I bought several years ago. And, an apple relish dish. I'd never seen that piece before. And, a random corning lid to fit a pan I have at home. Then, I took them to the locally famous Johnny's pizza, where we ate the greasiest, best tasting, most delicious childhood memory.
I saw this beautiful 6 pointed star, and even though it was 25% off, I still couldn't afford to even bargain with the man over it. And, after this one, i saw a friendship quilt in a simple pattern that had signatures from 1898. I almost had to bargain with them, but then I'd have had to leave Sydney here in payment for the hotel room. Guess I didn't need that antique quilt too bad.
Sydney's still with us.

We swam and showered and next we're going to meet my parents for an early dinner and then off to the Bawcomville Auction House. Now, who knows. Maybe fate kept us from finding anything expensive today so we'd have all our money to spend tonight. Here's hoping.
Take care and hope you're having a wonderful Saturday. We'll see ya' round the net. Lane


Becky said...

It's a shame that the old homes aren't up to par...they are so unique and beautiful it's a shame to see them go downhill....but most are $$$ pits and with the economy the way it is I guess it is to be expected. Bummer! I enjoyed the mini-tour of your home town....and of course, I always enjoy seeing Miss Sydney. Wow, that star quilt is beautiful...but I'm glad you didn't leave Sydney behind! :) She is beautiful, too...and far easier to have a conversation with.
Enjoy the auction tonite! Becky

Rhoda said...

I guess I haven't seen a pic of Syd for awhile. She's really grown up! She's a beautiful girl. It sounds like you're having a great time.

Coloradolady said...

I am so enjoying your vacation right along with you...and what great pictures...Sydney is just beautiful...and growing up quick!! I bet that was the best pizza you have had in a while...made me want some just reading about it!! Enjoy your auction...I hope there is a big ole box of vintage blocks and quilts just with your name on it and no one bids but you...how is that for sending good vibes your way!!!

lw said...

The cupcake pattern is the perfect way to start Sydney's sewing education if you're up to it. And I'd rather have a pretty teenage daughter than a vintage quilt any day.

It must have been hard to hear women trying to go cheap with the quilt pieced by their mother-- I think I would rather have put it away until the economy improved and then had it quilted. I hate the idea of the meander stitch on a Dresden plate, but not as much as having it stitched to a sheet.

Vesuviusmama said...

Visiting your old haunts is bittersweet, isn't it? Either they aren't there anymore, or they just seem shabby. Good thing we have shiny memories to lean back on!

Barb H said...

I agree with lw--it would be better to put the top away and quilt it properly when they have the time and resources. Enjoy your vacation!

oldbatt said...

I hate it when people take an old beautiful quilt and try and turn it into something that doesn't look quite right. Why not just wait intsead of hurrying through it? My friend's MIL did that to a beautiful butterfly quilt made by her mom with old feed sacks and she put a horrible navy calico print that didn't match at all on it for sashing and a border - it looked horrible when she could have put some great 30's reproduction prints or solids with it and it would have turned out a million times better. Oh well - keep my big mouth shut - that's my motto! Best, Lisa