Today, we drive

It's off to North Louisiana for us today. Everything is in place and I have 5 quiet minutes before it's time to make breakfast. Rob is loading the truck and we're being as quiet as we can so we don't wake the monster or the sitter.

By tonight, we hope to be having dinner with at least some portion of my relatives. We haven't been home in two years. It was so hard to travel with the old dogs, and now that they're gone, we're celebrating with a quick trip, combining a visit with family and a family vacation, all mashed together into just a few days that start with a long drive and end with one, too.

The birthday party for the 2 year old isn't looking good. It's turned into a party of 20 strangers, and I think I've established clearly how I am with strangers. But, I also know there's an auction in town on Saturday nights and I'm trying to gently convince Rob that we should go there instead.

The truck did not end up like a clown car, with an apartment setup inside. I managed to restrain us all and make us think about what we really needed (that left room for my box of quilting stuff), and there's a pile of last minute discards in our bedroom that looks like the start of a difficult part of a wagon train movie, you know the part where they went through their treasures one last time and decided what the horses could really pull up the mountain?

Cynthia, those blocks take about an hour and a half each to quilt, but that includes deciding what to do, marking, as well as the quilting. That last one took a little longer. But, it's the most complex so far.

Safe travels to everyone that will be joining us on the road and if you're gonna have to have a wreck, please let us pass you first.



Becky said...

Have a wonderful, safe vacation, Lane. I loved the visual of the Wagon Train rejects....my lol for the day! Can't wait to hear the travel tales!! Becky

lw said...

I'm off the road this weekend, so no worries. I also love the wagon train rejects.

As for the monster sleeping through the packing... if you get a chance to rent cartoons, look for the Animaniac's "Katie KaBoom" which is about a sweet teenage girl who sometimes turns into a literal monster when things don't go her way.

Vesuviusmama said...

I love the "beginning of a wagon train movie" imagery! I'm glad there was still room for quilting stuff!