Perfect timing

Yesterday was one of those nearly perfect days.

While we're on vacation next week, we're going to a 2 year old's birthday party. Not planned, but just happens to be going on while we're there, so we're going. But, what to give as a gift. The first thing I thought of was a bag of partially finished fabric books in my UFO pile. I pulled one out, took it apart because I started it a hundred years ago and I can do better. And, I'd never been able to quilt them very well because the backing is another page and is just as important. But, a meander fixed that. Ta-da! I've been toying with trying to piece a doll quilt out of leftover blocks to use as gift wrap, but I haven't done that yet.

Our shopping trip was fruitful. The stores were selling off the last of the previous season's merchandise and their shipments were coming in next week. I don't know how many $5 shirts Sydney got. And, shorts. We did so good, I was even willing to buy her a scarf that she'll never wear...okay, I take that back, she'll wear it, but not like it's supposed to be worn. But, for $2, it was worth it, especially with how cooperative she was being.

We started the day going through all her current clothes, which she hates, but after that, when she saw that she ws going to be participating in picking her clothes more than ever before, she started to get into it, and we had a good time.

Then, she had a friend over to the house to watch a movie. She's never done that before and we were as excited as she was. We so want her to have friends and she has struggled with it so hard. Often we've thought a friend would be visiting, only to find out they'd had a tiff before it could happen. But, this time, it all worked out.

We went out for a great dinner and on the way home, we picked up a chocolate cake for desert. And, when we got home, I had mail!

Myfriend Lisa at Quilt Ramblings sent me a package to cheer me up! Three beautiful patterns and a fat quarter and a sweet card with cookies on it shaped like puppy faces. Very, very sweet and THANKS, Lisa.

So, really, can a day get much better than that??? Well, the cake was heaven and I stayed up late, quilting. I've been working on a hand work project to take with me and I've lost the extra fabric. All the blocks are assembled and now I'm refining the layout. I want to make a couple "replacement" blocks to have a cleaner layout. Hopefully that will turn up with a minimum of digging. But, the sooner started, the sooner finished.

Take care and have a great Sunday. Lane


Becky said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day! Enjoy your vacation and travel safely. Get some rest and enjoy the stitching!

Coloradolady said...

That pretty much sounds like the perfect day to me too! That used to be my favorite thing to do with my daughter was to shop for school clothes....most of the time that went well....with very little arguing! Have a great vacation, rest and enjoy your time off with your family.....and another perfect day today would really top it off for the weekend!!

ShelleyK said...

I hope those extra alphabet blocks are duplicate letters and not missing from the book you made! That was a great idea to whip that book up.

Coloradolady said...

and...by the way...what a cute book!! I love it!

I have to say, you have inspired me to finish the project I started at the first of the year with the quilt from men shirts. I stitched it together and decided I did not like it so I put it up and out of sight....you always talk about ripping and redoing and well...that has never been my thing....sew once, be done is my motto!! BUT....I think I will start ripping that sucker up and reworking it with some sashing, I think I will like it better that way....wish me luck!

lw said...

Cute book, and even better to think you can wash it when it gets dirty. Glad the shopping went well, too.

oldbatt said...

Lane, so glad you enjoyed getting that package. I thought of your civil war fabrics for the Union Square pattern - but you may already have another pattern in mind. Just enjoy and glad you had such a super day! You always keep me inspired and I just wanted to return the favor! Best, Lisa