My scrap users system

I used to have a scrap savers system. I took all my scraps from a quilt and all the scraps that I "inherited" from other sewers and quilters and I put them in a bin. Then, in a larger bin. And, finally into two bins, with one for strips and one for chunks. And, I saved them and saved them. Anything larger than one inch, I saved.

They were great for applique. I had a huge source of small pieces to cut applique from. But, I don't do much applique. And, I have two applique kits, ready and waiting. So, no need to use scraps. And, the supply kept growing.

After I read Bonnie Hunter's post on Quiltville, I decided to start a leaders and enders project. I cut scraps into squares until I was thoroughly tired and started a quilt. It was and is going nicely. I'm almost done with the 100 blocks I wanted to make for a scrappy Irish Chain. And, as is typical for me, just at the end, I decided I want to make 21 more blocks...maybe. Or, maybe I'll just add a wide border.

Anyway, I needed a scrap users system and I had this old sewing box that I picked up for a few dollars at an antique store.

It's perfect for sitting under the extension arm of a sewing table. The wheels mean I can easily pull it out whenever I need to.

It holds squares and bricks in a variety of sizes. I save from 1.5" square to 5" square. Anything too big to cut into those squares gets put back in the fabric bins after I cut off any odd size pokey edges left from previous cutting.
We had lunch with friends yesterday and despite the fact that it was about 190*, we dressed in our pretty summer clothes.

It took a while to get her to let me touch her. What's up with kids? All she wants is attention, until she's getting it.
Here are Rob and Sydney

But this is my favorite.
Take care and have a wonderful Monday. School starts today! YEAH!


Becky said...

What a cute sewing box!! I love all the pictures of you guys (and a beautiful young lady). Looks like you had a great day full of smiles. Have a great week!

Bonnie K Hunter said...

The pics are adorable! And I agree about the 190 degrees in texas. All I can think of when looking at these pics is...AND THEY HAVE LONG PANTS ON!?? AND SHOES AND SOCKS?!

I'm catching up on blog posts I've missed while I've been gone. It's monday morning and I'm home alone ALL DAY. This feels blissful...I hope to get some piecing done!

Have a great week, Lane!

Hazel said...

What a pretty young lady ,the family photo's are so true to life I think we have all wanted to strangle our teens once in a while but in the end we love them and life would be so boring with out them .You both have done a great job with Sydney .
Love the sewing box .

oldbatt said...

What a great way to store scraps! Great pictures of you and Rob and the kid - boy is she growing up! You are both doing wonders with and for her. Best, Lisa

Cynthia L. said...

Lane, you are so organized! You make be envious. All of my scaps go in two brown paper bags! Not very pretty nor efficient!

I love the photo of Rob with his hands around Sydney's neck! We have a few of these photos in our albums. It looks like you guys had a wonderful day.

lw said...

Love the photos (but don't understand the long pants or shoes and socks.) Sydney's smile is a lot like Rob's.

I also love the idea of having a sorting system for the leaders and enders project. Wish I could figure out one that would fit with my existing space...it will probably involve ziploc bags in the existing bin, though.

Shevvy said...

I love the sewing box to use for scraps. Mine are in plastic tubs that my chinese takeaways come in!
Great family pics.

Vesuviusmama said...

That old sewing box is PERFECT!!! School started here today, too, with Donald going to Kindergarten. I'm anxious to see how he liked it (I hope he LOVED it because I don't want to hear complaining for the next 13 years - he is the complaining-est kid!). I hope Syd's first day went well, too!

Tammy said...

oh Lane.. your red shoes are the best!! Great family photos. The scrap box is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your leaders and enders quilt.