The wheels on the truck go round and round

We drove, and we drove, and we drove. And, periodically we had to stop so I could stretch and walk and bend in a different direction. At one stop, a picnic area, we found two old telephone poles with all the ceramic and glass insulators still attached. The tops of them are in the back of the truck now.

Apparently, they had bad storms here before we arrived, but it was all blown over by the time we needed to unload. We ran to the pool to work out my very sore shoulders and sat in the sun and it was so nice and pleasant...high 80's at most, after all those days of hundred degree temps.

Spent about half the day on the laptop, cleaning out music files (listen to a few seconds, assign it a playlist, and if the song wasn't there anymore, which happened in all the moving files around, delete it.) And, the other half I hand quilted. I brought two projects cuz I thought I'd finish the hand quilting on the way up, but if I had spent all the time quilting, I still wouldn't have nearly finished. I forget how slow I go in the bumpy truck.

Okay, now to have dinner with the family. Apparently everybody and their Aunt Charlene is coming. Cool. Haven't seen any of them in two years. Looking forward to breaking some Chili's bread with them.

Tomorrow is a really cool local quilt shop and antique shopping. Whoohoo!



Becky said...

Rock on, buddy!!

lw said...

Nothing like a bumpy road and sharp needles!

It's hard to tell what's going on with the old telephone poles, but I think I know you well enough to know that they were probably downed and on their way to the dump and not, say, still in use. I do love those old ceramic bits, though.

Vesuviusmama said...

When I bring the hand quilting in the car, I am always disappointed in how little I accomplish. When I don't bring it, I always kick myself for leaving it home. There's no winning.