Texas, we have an arrival

Yes, the big red truck made it from LA to Austin in record time. We've already unloaded and I think everything but my suitcase is unpacked. I want a shower. Then, I want to play with this.

Then, I want a shower in my own shower and Mexican food.

Vacation is nice, but coming home is nice too.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for taking us places and pleasant visits and indulging all we packed into this weekend.



Tammy said...

Hello Lane, well...well..it looks like you have a lovely Singer 15-91! A fantastic sewing machine! A little cleaning, oiling and polishing will have it sparkling. Does it have a gear driven motor? Is the motor good?

It looks very much like my Pearl. How old is it? Are the face plate and back plate fancy engraving or straight-lined etching? Pearl is from 1940 and her silver plates are engraved. A marked throat plate and straight stitch walking foot are available from Jenny at Sew Classic. Jenny is very reasonably priced.

What a great machine.. I am so excited for you...dancing around the room with glee~~~ Yes I do love a vintage sewing machine find.

Glad you brought it home. sorry about your vacation being over.

Cynthia L. said...

The trip home is always faster than the trip there. I envy you for being able to go out for good Mexican food. The Mexican food here is not good! I have gotten good a cooking it since we can't seem to find any like we had in Texas!

Piece by Piece said...

What a treasure!!! you will enjoy using it.
Glad you had a great vacation.