Three more blocks

I've finished quilting three more blocks on the batik quilt. Pushing to try to finish this one might be a little more than I can do this weekend. I still have 3 blocks, the sashing and the border. But, I will be making significant progress. And, I know why. I'm pretty bored with looking at this one. So, I've made a deal with myself and am going to finish this before I start anything else. But, I do take short breaks and work on that Triple Irish Chain.

Remember that I'm trying to quilt to fit the blocks and I'm only using feathers and curves.

We've had a freak cool spell and it's 68*, which practically never happens in August around here. So, I'm on my way out to clean up the flower beds. Then, we have shopping errands. whoohoo. gym clothes.
Can you tell they're not for me?


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Gosh you have willpower...when I get sick of looking at something I stash it somewhere I can't see it and there it stays!

Love the second block Lane, although theyre all pretty.

Good luck with the gym clothes. I'm hoping you find something suitable at the very first place you look so you can be spared hours of misery. (Any fabric stores near the gym clothes store?)

lw said...

It may be too late for this trip, but when shopping with a teenage girl, it helps to bring reading material so you can wait while they look at every single piece of clothing in the store...

It would never have occurred to me to quilt the third block that way. I like the top best, but they're all wonderful.

Barb said...

Love the blocks!

Hazel said...

Oh my look at that quilting , Awesome .

Pauline said...

Beautiful blocks! Stunning quilting! Please tell me do you use a hoop or a frame? I've hand quilted only one quilt, my sampler, and did it freehand in fans. Came out ok for my first, but your work looks so prescise I think you must have a secret weapon??? Love your colors too.
As for shopping with a teen age girl. limit the choices and limit the time you can take to shop. Limiting the spending, that goes without saying.

Michelle said...

Beautiful blocks; beautiful quilting. Doesn't get any better than that. :-)

Sunshine said...

You've really mastered the free-motion quilting, congrats!