Whither thou goest...

There will I go. And, whither thou layest, there will I lay. And thy people shall be my people...

Okay, not sure Ruth knew exactly what she was getting into that day.

This is a real balancing act, having people and people. Relatives people. Relationship people.

Oh, just one little plug here, but who else sees the importance of that judge, whose name I have not even had a chance to learn,working to strike down prop 8 in CA? Will it happen? Not sure about this time, but seems that every time it comes up, it gets a little closer.

Anyway, back to our vacation currently in progress.

Last night's dinner was fabulous!!! One of my favorite meals of the trip. Do you have a McAllister's? Great little soup and sandwich shop. Rob had a baked potatoe stuffed with Roast, potatoes and carrots and gravy. I, however, opted for a half veggie sandwich and a plain baked potatoe with little sour cream or butter. Less than half of what they gave me to use. Yeah, me! I'm sure it was the least fat I've eaten since Friday lunch.

And, then it was the auction. My parents were disappointed. It was the first auction they'd been to where there was NOTHING to bid on. Now, there were a few things I would have bid on. And, I did buy one thing...one thing that is already causing an argument. But, I got the "I don't want to drag home a bunch of junk" speech, so I behaved myself. I did buy a very old medicine cabinet with a mirrored door. Great item and would go terrific in our bathroom that has nothing next to the sink. Would...Will. Those are just words right now. But, soon they'll become actions and someone will have to compromise. I feel like I'm pretty deep in relationship debt right now, so this might go into the garage for a couple months till there's more in my account. Maybe after I make some really terrific dinner, I'll pull it in the house and act surprised that I just found it again. "I completely forgot we had this..."

Anyway, there was really nothing, but I was really into the auction spirit. But, I was sitting next to a long face and behind a 12 year old that was using her nails to write things into her styrofoam cup, so I picked a good time to head out and when the clock got there, we started our good-byes. And, paid for that really fabulouse medicine cabinet. Did I mention how much I love it?

This morning, we're going out for several uninterrupted hours of face to face visiting. And, I hope to get into their shed. My Mom offered me my Grandmother's sewing machine and one time, she mentioned that I could have a vintage fan that was older than one I had bought. I'm thinking the direct approach is best on that. It's as hot as Texas here and the humidity is at least 190% and I'm trying to get into an un-air-conditioned shed. Towels can't soak up enough sweat. You have to shower, then dry, then put on loose clothes so you can dry some more, then it helps to stand naked in front of the a/c unit until your skin dries enough that your clothes will slip over your skin so you can get dressed. In clothes that are absorbent and very loose. Very, very loose. Basically, a shirt shouldn't touch me anywhere by my shoulders and shorts only touch me around the waist.

Okay, so that's it. Off for another day of fun. I'm going to squeeze every damn drop of fun I can out of this vacation. It's the only one I'm going to get this summer and anybody that can't get in line with that can go sit outside until they get their attitude straight.

Oh, and my 12 year old is being sooooo pleasant! No joke. I'm really enjoying being around her. I don't know what's up, but there's been just a little fine-tuning her attitude. But, for the most part, she's showing her greatest flexibility. And, I'm loving it. And, in return, I'm making absolutely sure that she gets the few things she's asking for, like pool time and snowcones and extra sodas. Yeah, FAMILY. Relatives and Relationships.



Coloradolady said...

Enjoy your day...love the updates. We have a McAllisters here....and we love it! It is always good each and every time we go there.

That shed sounds promising.....crossing my fingers for great treasures to make the trip home with you!!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Sounds like you have the right attitude, maybe it will infect everyone else. Sounds like the kid is getting it right. I love auctions and am always so disappointed when I go home with nothing. I don't take the hubby, though. He just wouldn't understand. It always amazes me how much we like each other when we truly don't seem to enjoy the same things. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

lw said...

The judge's name is Vaughn Walker. The lawyers arguing for the separation of Church and state (i.e. freedom to marry whom you choose) are the same two high powered lawyers that opposed each other in front of the Supreme Court in the Bush/Gore election trial. Apparently, when they work together, things happen. If it gets to the Supreme Court, I think this time it will work, mostly due to the way Judge Walker systematically took apart the objections from the Mormon lawyers.

I got an email from an friend that her brother and his long time partner are now married in Washington D.C. Yea!

I'm dying to find out what you find in the shed.