A good weekend

This was a good quilting weekend. But, I did have to ask Rob last night how he spent his weekend. We were together the whole time, on the same property, that is. But, I spent most of the weekend sewing. YIPPEEEEEE!!

Anyway, I stayed up late Friday night quilting on this one, then got up early Saturday morning, sewed half the day and then we ran all our myriad of errands, including Petsmart to return two dead fish, Lowe's for a new fancy padded toilet seat (it's the little things in life that bring the most pleasure), and Wally'sMart for gym T-shirts, a good feel-up of the phones we want next and a cone of serger thread that gipped me out of a trip to a fabric store. We also dropped a smooth hundred on shorts and knee pads and more t-shirts for school at Academy...and why are gym clothes so expensive? At this point, Sydney was informed that she had just gone from interested in playing volleyball to committed. Then, it was back to quilting in the evening and up late again, and up early again, and then when the family was ready to head to the grocery, I had to tell them that I was so close, we were going to have to delay.

Here it is. This is last year's $5 quilt from my LQS and it's all done, except the binding, which was not part of this weekend's plan.

Here's some detail of a border section. I only quilted in two corners of the border and quilted those nearly to the other corners, but left the actual corners unquilted. I was going for an effect, and won't know if I got it until I wash the quilt. The quilt told me at that point that it was done. No quilting in the sashing was required because each of the blocks is so heavily quilted. The ditch work will be plenty.

I tried a new technique in this border. I wanted to use a stencil and a pounce to mark the feathers. I sprayed the border lightly with hairspray and let it almost dry, then laid the stencil on and pounced away and it did stick better than using no hairspray. My hairspray was bought to get ink out of clothes and is approximately 20 years old and not chloroflorocarbon (spelling???) free. So, I made sure all the blue marks were washed out of the quilt before adding the hairspray. I would have hated for a chemical to have permanently set them.

And, I lost a chair out of the sewing room, moved the furniture around a little and got some more space out of the room. This way, I can have three machines set up at any one time. And there are no machines on the floor. The space under the table in the center has all the UFO piles that were previously in the chair, which meant I wasn't getting anything out of the chair anyway.

But, cleanliness doesn't last long and last night, I was back at it, piecing blocks for my discussion on lights and darks, planned for later this week.

I also finished a border side on my hand quilting project. It was a very recharging weekend for me and I think I'm ready for the second week of school now. Thank you Rob for making sure I got fed all my meals at the right times all weekend.

Take care and have a great Monday. Lane


Coloradolady said...

What a wonderful weekend you have had....that is exactly what I need.But....it will be a few more weeks...sigh. Daughter moves in to her apartment on the 11th of Sept....then after that....I will have my weekends free hopefully!! Hubby will be gone at the end of September for a vacation with my son..they are going fishing...so I will have all week to recharge in between working!! I can hardly wait!!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend....

Cynthia L. said...

Sounds like you had a busy, but rewarding weekend. It is funny that families can all be in the same house, yet hardly see each other! We do that all the time also. Your quilt is lovely. The quilting sets it off. I like the hairspray idea. I am getting ready to quilt a Turning 20 and wanted to use a stencil. Did you use canned or pump hairspray?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Aside from the gym clothes buying this pretty much sounds like a fabulous weekend to me.

I love the LQS quilt.

Barb H said...

Lane, your quilt turned out very beautiful. Your work is getting better with each project. I'm continually impressed.

Vesuviusmama said...

Good for you for getting in some "me time" this weekend, and good for your family for understanding that need and letting it happen. Your quilt turned out beautifully.