A day of rest

Yesterday, my family took a day of rest.  Well, mostly.  Rob did a lot of little things that helped me out tremendously and I put this quilt together.


9 patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros.  Thanks, Barb for the pattern.  In the book, this quilt is very busy and nothing really stands out about it.  It’s kind of a moosh.  I was sure that I could do it without it being so mooshy, but I guess that if you follow a very specific set of instructions to the letter, you shouldn’t expect the quilt to come out looking different, right?  Mine is as mooshy as hers.  BUT, it was a full day of sewing that I didn’t have to think about, and that was all I wanted.  And, it’s a perfectly respectable quilt, and cuter than this picture makes it look.  But, it’s still mooshy.  It will make a great Linus quilt.

My duties as Nurse Ratchett continue.  Last night, she went all night without a pain pill, which was a great thing.  Today, I’ve managed to keep her pain down with over the counter pain relievers. 


Every day, she’s been forced from the house and out into the sunshine and the fresh air.  The little summer quilt is getting a heck of a use.  Why? she asks.  Because it’s good for you, I answer.

Today, she’s had breakfast and is doing school work and later, we have a little walk up the street to the community post office box planned.  I need to get her moving, or she’s never going to get back to school. 

We’ve had some minor hiccups, like changing bandages yesterday.  That freaked her out a bit, but we indulged her and ended up wrapping it twice, just to give her a little more padding and support.  She had the biggest old alligator tears when we were doing it, even though she kept insisting it didn’t hurt.  Like I said, a little freaked out.  But, for the most part, everything has gone well.  Recovery proceeds. 

It’s been hard for me to remember that, even though they didn’t do all the surgery they planned, she did undergo surgery just a few days ago. 

Oh, and I am a hard physical therapy taskmaster…straighten that leg!  Toes to the floor.



qltmom9 said...

It takes A YEAR to recuperate 100% from surgery...for the effects of the meds to be out of the system (and, ahem, not affecting hormones), for muscle, skin, etc. to heal. So, yes, you have the right ideas. It sound perfect what you are doing.

Lucy (who is an RN, BTW)

Bianca said...

Your doing great, I'm sure of it! Pamper her a bit, but also keep that physical therapy going.
My first excercise was just sitting on a table and swing the leg gently. Than some days little walks, not to much at once.
When she is used to her crutches, you'll see she'll improve by the day! I was actually faster with crutches!! Being an athlete she will recovers much faster than others, I'm sure of it!!
Nothing gives more nurture than love and quilts....
(secretly a bit jealous of her; wish I had a sweet dad like you. Your girl even has TWO!! )

Anonymous said...

So glad Sydney is progressing so well. Keep it up, whatever you are doing seems to be working. Glad the book has been a little inspiration! The quilt looks good to me - -not too mooshy.


Anonymous said...

One day she will understand and probably do the same for her kids.

Rebecca Grace said...

Isn't it so much worse when your child is in pain than it is to be in pain yourself? I'm glad Sydney is doing well and it sounds like you're taking great care of her. She's a very lucky girl to be surrounded with so much love.