Grown up shoes

It feels so good to be in grown up shoes today.  I feel like I’ve spent a week in sports shoes, to give me the arch support for all the things we’ve done. 

And, today, she’s ready to go back to school. 

I suspect it’s equal parts boredom and the fact that they’ll be easier on her than I was. 

We did homework.  We took walks.  Yesterday morning, she walked 6 blocks and told me to get out of the way if I was going to walk so slow.  Yesterday afternoon, she cried and begged me not to make her walk again.

So, I didn’t.  Because I’ve done my part and now, she has to decide.  I’ve hit that part where I don’t know whether more practice will help or not.  So, I didn’t push.  I just went back to my work. 

It will feel so good to be around people that have better negotiating points to offer than “because I don’t want to.”

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s been great.  I’ve seen that look in her eye after she finished the afternoon walk on Monday, the day she cried all the way.  The look that said she knew that she’d done something she didn’t think she could.  And, as a reward, we figured out a way to wash her hair. 

We had lunch out yesterday.  Coloradolady sent a care package full of stuff for her to do, which kept her from watching TV all the time.  And, we had lots of homework that the teachers sent us.  I worked from home and she did math and english and then we’d walk and then we’d work and then we’d eat, and then we’d work and then we’d walk…you get the picture.  Kind of like when I’m working from the office.

Too much like when I’m working from the office. 

Anyway, today, I’m back to the office and she’s back to the schoolhouse…if we can get her a key to the elevator.  Girl don’t do stairs, yet.

Be well and have a great Wednesday. 

Thank you all soooo much for your words of encouragement.  I’ve needed them and I’ve passed them on to her.  I’ve even said things like “the ladies say I need to (whatever you guys have told me to do)"

“what ladies?”

"My blog ladies.”


(p.s. sorry, didn't mean it as a bad thing.  She's just glad there are people out there explaining that girls are not like boys.  Girls need special stuff!) 


qltmom9 said...

LOL! So, we're "blog ladies"...blogs aren't old, so why does that SOUND old? Glad she is doing so well.


Bianca said...

LOL. Yes, what Lucy said; why does that sound so old?? I'm just 40. That's not old. It was just two years ago I was a very oppinionated teen myself....

Good to hear you're both doing well. Back to normal soon....

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm back after a long absence and obviously, I've missed a lot because I have no idea what you are talking about. Can't wait to catch up!

lw said...

I don't think it sounds old. I think it sounds southern.
I'm proud of Sydney for doing so well even when it hurt.