Are you a planful quilter?

Do you know where every stitch of your quilt is going to be, BEFORE you pin baste?  Have you already drawn them on by that time?

If so, I salute you.

I am not planful quilter.  I didn’t have the vaguest idea what I was going to quilt into this quilt when I started.

And, consequently, I’ve pulled quite a few stitches. 

And, I’m having to reconcile myself to this contrast, where one block is more densely quilted than the one next to it.




This happens a lot in this quilt. 

I’m secretly hoping it happens enough that it will balance out into a pleasing mixture. 

I’ve gotten started on the border now, doing the ditch work.  My fingers were hurting from hand quilting, so I decided I’d better decide what I was going to do next at the machine.  And, I did.

Last night.

Anyway.  That’s my process and I’m stickin’ to it.

Spring break starts tomorrow.  No school for Syd next week.  Nothing to do.

Are idle hands still the devil’s workshop?  Or, is that old-fashioned? 

At least I know she’s hobbled.

Be well.  Have a great Friday.  It’s going to be rainy here til Sunday.  That’s good for two reasons.  Quilting…Yay! And the ground around here really needs it.  No matter how much it turns out to be. 



Auntie Em said...

The way you approach quilting is often the way I approach piecing. Sometimes I just start creating the pieces without knowing exactly how it will all go together in the end.

Anonymous said...
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Rebecca Grace said...

There is a really yucky spam comment right above mine that you might want to delete...

NO planning for me! I prefer to flounder around throughout the quilting process, and have no idea what I'm going to end up with until I'm finished! I gradually close doors throughout the piecing, layout, and quilting process, and then I choose from the remaining feasible options by the time I'm finishing up the quilting. Although, this IS something I would like to improve on -- I think my quilting would benefit from a bit more planning ahead of time.

I really like the colors you're working with in this quilt, Lane, and your FMQ work is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

You already know my answer to the question about planning ;). There's no right or wrong in quilting. OK, you and I both know that's not true about some things, but each quilter has a unique process and that's OK. The quilting in this quilt is absolutely amazing! I'm sure it will all balance out and no one will notice at all.

Also, idle hands are the devil's workshop. Always have been, always will be. Hope you both make it through the week with your sanity.

xo -E

Carla said...

I always flounder. LOL on pretty much everything.

Hope Spring Break was peaceful.