Another one bites the dust

Another border, that is.  I finished the first border on this quilt. 


There are a ton of little feathers in all those triangles and in the white sections, a loopy filler that I saw my friend Elizabeth use in a quilt a while back.  The next pieced border is also triangles.  And, yes, I’m going to fill the blue ones with more feathers.  There are large off white triangles out there, too and I’m going to fill them with something more planful.  Not sure what, yet, but not something I can do freehand. 

Oh, and remember this lovely from yesterday?


Oops!  The baby’s a girl.  So, I’ll finish this one for us; it will go wonderfully in our living room.  We’re going to make the same quilt, but in dusty pink and neutrals.  Or, something else.  With a different focus fabric.  I just didn’t have the right one.  Well, we know I had a lot of right ones, but not THE right one. 

Rob and I have made enough quilts together that I know not to argue…anymore.  And, THE right fabric will make a beautiful, designer quilt, that anyone would love to receive and it will be a joy to make because we didn’t “make do”.  And, Lucy, I’d love it if we figured out how to sell Rob coloring and me building quilts. 


Today is Sydney’s post op appointment.  None of us knows what to expect from that.  Since they didn’t do what they thought they were going to need to do, we’ll need a new plan and we don’t have any idea what to expect.  Lots of range of motion work, I expect.  And, getting her to do PT on her own is like fighting a bear…I’ve even tricked her into some of it.  And, who knows how much she’s standing on it when we’re not around.  She tried to take a set of steps Friday night.  And, got stopped in her tracks.  But, it doesn’t hurt and she’s ready to use it, and the crutches are a pain in the…patooty. 

All I can do is wait and see. But, I’d love to see her off those crutches.  Her new, custom made, very expensive brace is in.  Maybe she’ll be in that after today, too.

Everybody have a great one.  Lane


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Beautiful work!! Those little ones will prove you wrong every time!!!! lol

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful quilting, as always!

Keeping Sydney in my thoughts. It will be tough to figure things out, but I know she can do it. Look who she has for her dads. She's a blessed girl to have you two.

xo -E

lw said...

You may be right about the parents wanting pink or something girly, but then again, I would love this for a baby girl. When I was little, I preferred sky blue to pink, but rarely got to have anything blue until I was older. When I was four, my aunt and uncle bought me a little blue coat with an embroidered cabin and pine trees on the shoulder and pine tree buttons. I loved that coat! I was heartbroken when I outgrew it.