Houseguests and Hand Grenades

Just kidding.  About the hand grenades.

We’re expecting Rob’s Mom this week for a visit.  She generally comes down in the spring.  We’ve cleaned the house, as much as we need to.  The beauty is that she’s not nearly so interested in our house being clean as she is in our house being happy.  And, she fits into our routine instead of trying to change things to suit her.  She truly is the best houseguest. 

Anyway, Sydney gets the sewing room, and I have to temporarily move out.  Not a problem.  I can sew somewhere else for a week, surely. 

Just a few pictures from the weekend.  I tried to work in the yard on Saturday and that just about pooped me out.  But, I still managed to get to this baby quilt re-do.


I’m loving this pattern.  It goes together so fast and easy and there is unlimited variation in it.  Just a couple more borders to go and this one will be ready to quilt.  I hope to finish before the Mom gets back from maternity leave.

And, this is West of Paris, Texas.  It’s going to be in the show this weekend and it needed a label.  I still have to make a pouch to deliver it in, but plenty of time.


I love this quilt, with all it’s springy pastel colors. 

And, finally, I did manage to wallpaper the bedroom in the miniature house.  It went from this…


To this…


To do this, I cut out posterboard to match the original tin walls and then papered over them with wallpaper I printed on my computer.  There are baseboards and ceiling molding.  the drapes are made of paper so they’ll hang right.  Fabric drapes would not have done that. 

Next room is the sewing room.  I’m looking forward to that one, too.  I guess it gives me a way to satisfy my need to redecorate, without having to take the real house apart.

Everybody have a great Monday.  Today, we schedule Sydney’s physical therapy.  No time like the present to start something unpleasant, right? 



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You are a real busy guy! Nice quilt...and the little house is adorable!!

Bianca said...

Love the babyquilt, but I think your make-over of the bedroom is the best today!!! Just like you said; you can do a make over without all the mess in a real house. Perfect!! Should get me a miniture house too, just to get the make-over-itch scratched...

Been cleaning too today. The spring cleaning is not something I plan, it just happens suddenly....

Well, enjoy your mom-in-law's stay, do nice things together and make the most of this week!

Rebecca Grace said...

First of all, I really love your baby quilt. What is the name of that block pattern?

Printing your own dollhouse wallpaper on the computer is genius. And as for the paper draperies, if you really wanted fabric, do you think maybe you could get a thin cotton fabric to behave as well as the paper if you starched it heavily and ironed in the pleats? Maybe even a touch of glue at the backs of the pleat on the bottom hem edge, adhering them to a little strip of paper or something so they can't flair. Just a thought.

Enjoy your visit with your MIL! When MY in-laws come to visit, my FIL goes around with his video camera, counting how many pictures of HIS family are on display compared to the number of pictures from my side of the family, and narrating snarky comments about how he feels that the photos of my side of the family are displayed in "better" locatoins than those of his family... Yeah, I drink a lot of wine when they come to visit!! :-)

lw said...

I agree about the baby quilt pattern- lots of possible variety with different colors.

Now I want to see the rest of the doll house.

Tell Sydney my dog Harry has to have extensive knee surgery this week (involving pins and plates, to fix an ACL tear.) I think he knows, because he's been moping since we found out. They'll be having physical therapy at the same time. This is easier for dogs because they really hate being trapped indoors and pretty much always want to walk even if it hurts.

Elizabeth said...

I love this baby quilt as much as the last one. And you're right about it being fun in all kinds of color combinations.

Cute wallpaper!

Good luck in the quilt show! But we all know you don't need luck. You're a really great quilter ;).

xo -E

Susan Entwistle said...

Happy to see that I'm not the only one who had a money pit (as we affectionately called our dollhouse, which now resides forgotten in the basement). I loved decorating. And I really like the baby quilt. I think that's the first quilt I've seen using those greens...it's really pretty.