Of two minds

All is well here at casa de operacion. 

Healing should be fast and I am very grateful for that.  She is doing well and has graduated from regular pain pills to pain pills on request, alternating with plain old ibuprophen.  And, she seems content. 

She remembers saying that she didn’t want this and wanted to go home, and she remembers telling me to shut up because I kept telling her to relax.  She also remembers telling me she was going to kill me if I didn’t take her home, but by this time, it was just her lips moving and no sound coming out, so I didn’t hear that part.  Hopefully, next time, when there is one, she’ll know it’s going to be okay and relax into the sedation.  I guess I can feel pretty confident that she’s not abusing drugs.  The last thing she remembers is the nurse practitioner, that we like so much, rubbing her on the side of her face and telling her to relax. 

As for the mistaken diagnosis, I would have gotten a second opinion for what the doctor was saying, except I was holding a copy of the MRI and everything I read agreed that surgery was the best option, if Sydney wanted to continue to play sports.  I would never have thought to get a second opinion on the guy that read the MRI.  It was him that either made a mistake, or the test results were unclear.  I don’t know and I guess I never will.  We’ve decided to focus on getting her better and assume that surgery was the only way we were ever going to know whether she needed surgery. 

Life is like that sometimes. 

Anyway, as an alternative to sitting and eating chips, I’ve been quilting. 







I guess we can see where any stress is going.

We found that we didn’t have a bell for her to ring for service.  So, we’re using our phones.  She texts when she needs something; Juice, plz, I’m hungry, Plz come get plate, I need an ice pack…  But, I gotta tell you, I really don’t care if I ever get another “I have to pee” text after this.

Be well.  Have a great Saturday.  I’m still quilting.  And, wearing out the carpet between the bedroom and the kitchen.



Piece by Piece said...

Glad to red your patient is doing well.
Children, even 15 year old's bounce back quickly, she will be her old self soon.

Love your blocks.

Kath said...

Interesting what you said about reading the MRI scan. I had a similar experience last year. I'm told they can be hard to read and if there is any slight movement (even breathing) they can be slightly indistinct.
I hope Miss Sydney is feeling better soon, anaesthetic really takes it out of you (well it does at my age!).
You are such a kind Dad Lane and I'm loving the quilt you showed.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing better. Your comments about what Sydney said during recovery reminded of my one time in recovery. I just remember sitting up and yelling for them to GET ME OUT OF HERE. There was a young child beside me crying and screaming and I wanted to get away from that. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

On the bright side, cell phones are better than bells, b/c you know what she needs before you get there and don't have to make extra trips from the sewing room to the bedroom to the kitchen back to the bedroom.

LOVE the quilting. Beautiful.

And, sometimes that's all you can do is choose to believe that the way things happened were the only way for things to go. Second guessing just makes you crazy.

Give Sydney a hug from me and tell her to get well soon!

xo -E

qltmom9 said...

Hey, LOTs OF "I have to pee" means you are making sure she is well-hydrated. And, the walking will mean she recuperates sooner in lots of ways. You don't have an IV like the hospital, so the peeing is GOOD...she is drinking enough. KEEP IT UP. In the hospital, they'd calling "force fluids" (meaning encourage drinking plentifully. Good job.


lw said...

I think soft tissue is really hard to diagnose even with an MRI.

Texting is much better than a bell. You can go straight to the kitchen first without making those extra trips to her room to find out what she wants. Very clever.

I had oral surgery once and the pain meds were so overwhelming that my daughters had to take me to the bathroom and I think they felt the same way about it that you do. The things we do for love!

mssewcrazy said...

Good to know all is going well with Sydney -clever use of the phones. I wish I'd sew instead of eating when stressed. The quilting looks nice.

Peter Lappin said...

Sounds like the worst is over. Hope the healing is fast!

Susan Entwistle said...

Nice job, Dad, on both the quilt and the nursing. What did we ever do before we had cellphones?

Bianca said...

Nice to hear she is keeping you busy pampering her. Lots of pee is good, hydration is good, so the more she pees, the better ;-)
Reading a MRI is difficult when it comes for the knee soft tissues. With me it was the other way around; a simple keyhole surgery was turned to an open surgery when the saw there was much more damage than the MRI showed. So, be glad she's better than they thought.

Love your quilting too! Have a good sunday and keep up the good work.
((hug)) Bianca

Michelle said...

Do you know what a blessing you are to Sydney? One day she will tell you this herself. Good job, and your quilt blocks are beautiful. Have a great Sunday.

vivian said...

Glad Sydney is doing good!
After my surgery I lost my voice and used my cell phone. I'm not good at texting so I would call the landline and my husband would come see what I wanted!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Sydney is doing well. The texting idea is such a great idea.
Your quilting is wonderful, as usual.

Marei said...

Glad things are going well at the casa and Sydney is recovering nicely from her big "non surgical" event. Your quilting looks wonderful, of course. I'm glad you're able to de-stress in a productive manner. Although sitting and eating chips sounds pretty good to me. :)