When Rob and Lane quilt together

This is what we create.  Rob wants a baby quilt for a co-worker and I bombarded him with the questions we would ask one another and we’d understand them and know what to say.  And, he answered every one.  Several times.  And, differently every time, but making a point of nature.

So, I took him to JoAnn’s on Saturday and let him roam.  I guided him through the juveniles, but I was pretty sure that Rob wanted something more natural than that. 

He picked a lovely palette of fabrics for me to work with. 


When I looked at it, I thought points and half square triangles.  And, lots of space to use that pretty focus fabric that represents birch trees.  I picked the Starshine block from my Quick and Easy Block Tool that gives several sizes for each block.  I picked large blocks so it would be quick to piece and over the course of my spare weekend time, I made this.


I have three borders to add outside that. 

Oh, and every piece of that focus fabric runs the same direction, so it looks like all the trees grow up. 

Rob and I design beautiful quilts together, and I let him input into my work as much as possible.  We are very different.  Rob is very planful and artistic in his choices.  I am more scrappy and throw everything together and see what sticks.  We’re the same way about gardening.  That’s why he gardens in the front yard and I garden in the back.  And, never the twain is crossed.


Yesterday, I scrubbed my kitchen to within a half inch of it’s life.  It was time.  Cleaning like that always indicates change.  Change in multiple parts of my life.  I’m feeling more relaxed already. 

Clean out the cobwebs and open myself to new things. 

Be well.  Have a great Monday.  Lane


JoAnne said...

The quilt is stunning. I would have cut the focus carefully, too. Of course, the recipient may choose to display it so the trees grow sideways, or upside down, but we at least know that it could be "right." Ha ha.

Becky said...

Wow. Beautiful!

andsewon said...


Elizabeth said...

That is such a beautiful quilt! I absolutely love it! (And I totally would have made the branches all go up and down too). Amazing work, you two!

xo -E

Becky said...

Beautiful!!! So calming and restful. That baby will be a good sleeper under it. Rob is definitely a keeper!

lw said...

I love the balanced look of this quilt-- I can't wait to see it with the borders. I agree about the tree-direction as well, it turns it from a simple quilt into artwork.

Rebecca Grace said...

This is BEAUTIFUL, Lane! I love these fabrics together, and the way you've used them in your blocks. Strong, but soft and soothing at the same time.

If you're having any Post-Cleaning Withdrawal symptoms, feel free to come by and scrub MY kitchen. At this point, I'm just dimming the lights so I can't see all the dust and dog fur... ;-)

Coloradolady said...

What a beautiful quilt. Rob certainly does have an eye. I love that block pattern. When things settle down around here I will have to try and locate that block pattern. Stunning quilt.

Lane, if I left Steve alone to roam JoAnns and choose fabrics, good grief what a mess we would have...or maybe yet, it might not be so bad. He does not care for that store...the one by my house if packed to the max all the time.

Hope you have a great week and hope Sydney is feeling better and not letting the knee spoil her spring break! Take care!

qltmom9 said...

That is lovely. Your design is perfect too. Ya'll could make a living at that!