Georgetown Quilt show, Antique Quilts Category

I love vintage quilts.  I don’t remember a vintage quilt category in other shows, but in this show, where people own quilts handed down through generations, it is quite memorable.  I wish I’d entered one of my family quilts and likely will next year. 

So, I photographed the name tags on most of them and was going to post them here, but I’ve realized that those people might not like having their names put on the internet.  So, I’m sharing their comments and if you need more info, contact me and tell me why and we’ll see what we can do. 

I love whole cloth.  This quilt was made in France by two spinster sisters who quilted for the village.  The lady, down through whose family this quilt has passed, took them the fabric and the carded wool.  It was used by four generations in France.  I believe it was silk. 


My Grandmother made Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill quilts.  This one was titled Sunbonnet Sue-Sunbonnet Sam.  The quilt was found in a garage and the name tag came with a warning to always label your quilts!  Nothing is known about this quilt or its maker.  Incidentally, the quilt was for sale, with proceeds to benefit a children’s charity.


There were two Lone Stars, but I only got a picture of one and I don’t know which one.  Sorry. 


There were two hexie quilts.  One was named Grandmother’s Flower Garden and one was named Grandma’s Flower Garden.  I think I have them in the right order below. 



There was one of the above patttern as an unfinished quilt top, with red connecting diamonds, in the silent auction.  It made me weak in the knees.  But, the price was higher than I was willing to pay.  And, besides, I need to make my own, right?  hmmmm…

I think this one was Scrappy Stars.  I saw this quilt and thought how much Bonnie Hunter would love it.


Dresden Plate – the green in this one was fantastic.  It just spoke to me and I would love to make a quilt with that much beautiful solid green.  The owner stated that her grandmother made it for her when she was a child and that she slept under it until she grew up and moved out on her own.  Her great grandmother was a seamstress, so the wedges were likely clothing scraps.  The green was chosen because her birthday is in March and she was always given something green for her birthday. 


look at this quilting. 


Scrappy Stars.  The owner says that this one was made by her mother and the batting was cotton gin samples of the cotton they grew.


Antique Broken Star…such bright colors.  


Amish Antique Quilt.  Isn’t this a lantern pattern?  I can’t remember, but it was a lovely quilt.  All solids and so many HST’s.  And, densely hand quilted. 


Irish Chain.  I love an Irish Chain.  And, this red and white one was a stunner.  The repetition of the fabrics.  The quilting was lovely.  The owner noted that it was given to she and her husband, because he loves quilts and she makes quilts. 

100_5092 100_5093 

So, that’s what I loved in the vintage quilt category. 

Everybody have a great day.  This is the last day of the MIl’s visit.  She and Rob are having wonderful talks about the past.

I’m off to work.  Be well and hug somebody.



Shirley said...

Hi Lane, haven't been around for awhile and what a feast to the eyes for my first day blog hopping! I love the Grandma's Flower Garden for some reason. And the silk whole cloth one is beyond words! I don't go to many shows anymore since I quit going to the guild. I suppose I should go back, I just got quilted out for a while there.

Vesuviusmama said...

What beauties! Thanks for sharing! I hope that 100 years from now, someone will be sharing MY quilts!

Kath said...

I did enjoy our visit to the quilt show! I really liked the scrappy star quilts best. I'd love a closer look at the second one if that's possible Lane?

Elizabeth said...

Such pretty antique quilts. You know someday, your quilts will be in that category ;).

I think my top three favorites are that whole cloth at the top, the dresden with the green borders (green is awesome!) and the very last quilt, the Irish Chain (someday you'll have to explain to me why your Irish Chain looks "out of focus." As I recall, you put your light blocks on the outside, but this quilt has light blocks on the outside too and it doesn't look out of focus). Thanks for sharing!

xo -E

Susan Entwistle said...

Beautiful! Interesting how the two hexes almost look like they were made by the same person (color wise). Thanks for sharing.