Already made a mess

Well, that didn’t take long.  Theoretically, this is the space that Sydney will be sleeping in, starting tomorrow night. 


So, why does it have a sewing machine in it? 

Because I need to make a sleeve to hold this rolled quilt and this open space where a bed will be is the easiest space to use and then to clear up again.


This quilt is rolled around a pool noodle and will be inserted into a long sleeve for transport and safety at the quilt show.  Do your quilt shows require that you bag your quilts?  Around here, they call for a pillowcase.  I roll mine to avoid creasing, but when I deliver the quilts, there’s always a pillowcase in hand, just in case.  There is no sense in being disqualified for such a little thing.

We are all amazing calm, considering we’re expecting a houseguest and I’m in a quilt show and we’re making plans with other people.  Always before, anything out of the routine and out of the ordinary would have us all in a twitter of frustrated excitement, each pumping more adrenaline than the other two.  But, not this time.  It’s funny.  Now that Sydney is older, we don’t have lives where nothing out of the ordinary happens.  It’s always something out of the ordinary and I think Rob and I have grown quite numb to it. 

Other families that we observe already seem to have developed this numbness.  Maybe that’s the result of having their kids since birth.  When we got Sydney, the first thing we focused on was making her fit in with our lives.  More and more, it feels like I’m trying to fit in with hers. 

Does she really think I’m all the uncool things she says I am?  And, is it possible that she believes I’m really that uncool?  And, does it count that she smiles at me when she says them?  Does that mean she doesn’t believe them and is just picking at me?  Because just a little bit ago, I thought she thought I was at least moderately cool. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  I’m sure we will be in a hyperactive frenzy tonight.  Yay, us.  Doin’ it, bein’ it, feelin’ in.

Oh, and what’s up with the spammers?  Are you guys getting porn spam all of a sudden?  Or spam that’s just a series of random letters?  What’s up with that?  I never click a link and I report each one as spam and then delete.  I hope that’s enough.



andsewon said...

Good luck at the quilt show! Sounds like a fun time ahead! Wish I could attend just to see yours! I am sure Sydney will love having a Grammy in the house spoiling her. Sounds like you are all excited over the sweet guest coming! Make those memories! Would love to have one more day with my Mama and MIL! Hugs!

Becky said...

You are uncool and predictable, and that makes her feel safe. Because her peers are cool and unpredictable, and that is scary. She will always want you to be the same, but she will begin to see how wonderful that is.

lw said...

You can never tell with teenagers-- but even if you give birth to them, you start to feel like you are fitting your life around the edges of theirs. Maybe this is nature's way of getting us to want to let go of them.

I have been getting a lot of spam from my friend's accounts, which have been either spoofed or hijacked. And it does seem like it's escalating. But in the meantime, your friends don't want you to click on a link that has a foreign address (like from Eastern Europe or Africa) in it.

Laura said...

I remember my son at 17, telling me that 'you're not as embarrassing as most other people's parents.' High praise, I think!

Rebecca Grace said...

I think that, if your teenager complains that you're not cool, that's a sure sign you're DOIN' IT RIGHT! The "cool" parents of teenagers are the ones who try too hard to be buddies with their kids and their kids' friends, setting no boundaries, no limits, letting their home be the "party" house... And their kids grow up to be derelicts incapable of handling responsibility or functioning in society as adults!

Good luck with your quilt show, and your visit. I'm sure that if you wrap that serger up in enough batting, Sydney could use it as a pillow...

Impera_Magna said...

I like your idea of rolling a quilt around a pool noodle rather than folding it up and stuffing it in a pillow case. My local quilt guilds do that... and I really didn't enjoy all the creased quilts hanging in the show... definitely detracted from the overall look of the wrinkly quilts.

I've not entered a quilt show... not sure that I ever will... but will definitely remember the pool noodle trick!

BTW - No teenager thinks their parents are cool... besides if your daughter is smiling at you when she tells you you're not cool.. she teasing...


Denise R said...

You will be uncool only until she leaves home and realizes how lucky she was to have loving parents that prepared her for college and life as a responsible person. When it happens it is WONDERFUL!

Kath said...

Hello Lane, I think it's our job to be Uncool (I saw a sign for sale in a gift shop that said "No Dad dancing"), see- they cringe when we start trying to enjoy ourselves :-D
I heard an agony aunt on the radio recently say "A mothers place is in the wrong" and it certainly felt like that til my son reached 21! Now instead of pointing it out, he just smiles indulgently at me...

Megan said...

Lane - you may very well be uncool, but the fact that Sydney talks to you about it AND says these things with a smile on her face are good things. The uncool label is not even a real criticism - it's what loving parents are meant to be like, and I'm confident that Sydney knows that she is a very loved member of your family.

Sydney, Australia

qltmom9 said...

Pillowcase here, but our show is not judged...just pretty.
You are cool amongst your peers and loved by Sydney. Last night my sweet 18yo who is usually very loving told me he hated me because I told him what the consequences would be if he kept using an unacceptable word...I'm not cool, but I am doing what is right...trying to get HIM to do what is right!


qltmom9 said...

Sometimes correct parenting makes me very uncool. My usually loving son told me he hated me after I told him what consequences would occur if he kept using language I won't accept. What *I* think is cool about me, is that I totally quit using any bad language so I could call my kids on it. That was hard.


Susan Entwistle said...

Is that a serger I see? I'm impressed. As for uncool, I think she's yanking your chain. Just thank the stars that she's not yet in her 20s and getting married. :)