Good morning, world!

Not much going on here.  Lots of visiting and laughing.  Our guest came in the room when we were having a family meeting about grades and she got a really good chance to see how our family works.  I think we impressed her.  Good food, and a little bit of short, good TV to fill in the gaps, when we’d run out of things to say.

So, I thought I’d show you a bit of what else is going on around here.  I don’t just sew, although  do sew a lot.  But, I also sow.

Here are the orchids in the kitchen window.  They practically scream to be looked at while I do dishes.  I almost hate to see the new flowers open because I know that brings us just one step closer to it being over until next year.


And, outside, an unknown plant, swapped with a neighbor.  I could look it up for you, but that would take so much time.  And, time this week is a very precious commodity.  Pentas maybe?  I think my Mom grew it as “leaf of life” that she ordered through the mail, when I was a kid.  I treat it like a succulent.  It blooms in sun and full shade.  I didn’t realize it would survive a freeze until this past winter, when this cutting got dropped in the yard and took root.


Columbine and lemon on the right.


The first few dots of purple.  There’s lots of purple in my yard.


And, this.  I think it’s an oakleaf hydrangea, but wouldn’t bet on it.  It came from my sister’s yard last April, as a handful of roots.  I cut the bloom off of it to transport and it looked like oakleaf hydrangea.  We will see as it develops.  It didn’t do much last year, but looks set to explode this year.


I dug this up with the shovel and then grabbed it with my hand.  About a minute later, my dad killed a poisonous snake about 8 inches from where this had been.  Still gives me the willies.

Anyway, Love to grow things. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Rob and his Mom are dropping off my quilts at the show today.  Way cool. 

Be well.  Lane


Elizabeth said...

I have those pretty purple flowers in my yard too (it's a hardy geranium), and I also have columbine, but neither of those will be in bloom for a couple of months here. I do, however, have crocus, dwarf iris and a few daffodils blooming. How I love spring! Thanks for the garden tour!

Glad you're enjoying your house guest! Those are the best kind!

xo -E

Bianca said...

Sounds like you are having a good time together. It sounds so nice, I wish I lived closer and could come over too. I could use some nice friends around me....
Unlike you I don't have a green thumb at all! I keep the two (yes, 2!) plants on my windowsill alive by giving them a bath once a week and that's all I'm capable off. Outdoors it's the same. I water them, but I have to plant every spring some new stuff to fill the gaps... Only the ferns are not affected by my lack of nurture and are taking over most of the open spaces.... Green, lots of green and very few colours outdoors... Ah well, can't be good in Everything, can you?!
Enjoy the rest of you MIL's stay and hope your quilts win all the prizes at the show!!!

Susan Entwistle said...

I'm pretty sure your clusters of red flowers with the waxy leaves are Kalanchoe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalanchoe Mostly I've grown it as a houseplant, I've never put it outside, thought I might try that. Orchids are my favorite. I've got a little miniature one now that the hubs brought home from Trader Joe's. It was in bloom when he brought it home and after the flowers fell off there was an offshoot and it's blooming again, with twice the buds as the first bloom. Sometimes mine bloom a few times a year, sometimes the don't bloom at all.

Mary said...

Nice to see some gardening. Still having snow here but I've got some seeds starting. All the best with the quilt show, it takes a lot of courage to send off our babies to be looked over and critiqued by others.

Mary said...

So nice to see gardening going on, we are still getting snow (insert frowny face) Did set out some seeds to start this week. All the best on the quilt show, I'm sure you'll knock their socks off again.

Carla said...

The red flowery waxed leaf plant does look like a kalanchoe as a previous commenter pointed out. Wow so it lived even during our cold spells. Of course mine usually die from neglect. ;o/