Overly creative

I have found myself in a spot of hyper-creativity.  I kind of knew it was going on in the background, but I wasn’t consciously starting new projects, just to start new projects.  I think it was more like a distraction. 

I have the perpetual hand quilting project.


And, a machine quilting project.


A baby quilt in redesign


The March Linus quilt to finish.


And, the last two small quilts for the backs of the living room chairs.


But, I also decided to just pick up the stuff to paper just one room of the dollhouse.  One room.  Easy-peasy. 



Go ahead and laugh.  I know you’ve all done it before. 

“I’m not ashamed.  I can take it.”

“Is there something wrong with me?  Why am I so out of control?”

We all know that the answer lies somewhere between.  Sometimes, it’s easy to exert self control and work on what I need to.  That’s how I manage to get things finished.  But, there are also times when it’s nice to just let the creativity run amok;

Amok, amok, amok, amok.

Hopefully, the times when I have self control will outweigh the times I don’t.  And, if not, what’s life for if not to have fun.

Be well.  Have a wonderful Thursday.  I’ve taken most of tomorrow off to spend it with my spring breaker.  Her choice; she can come up with something fun, or we can work in the yard. 

Guess I won’t get to much yardwork, huh? 

I got a very offensive spam comment the other day.  The most offensive one I’ve seen.  And, it stuck to my page, where most spam comments only go to my email, so you guys can’t see them.  Anyway, I have been playing with security.  I set it way too tight and have been loosening up since.  Right now, all comments are moderated, but the word verification (yuck!) is turned off.  It’s tripled my incoming mail.  If you’re commenting as anonymous, I might not see your comment.  Still working out the kinks.



Karilee said...

Huh, I am totally focused...except the 55+ UFOs (that was actually the count years ago...I no longer count). But, I am liking the low volume quilts and want to just try a little of that...LOL! I'd have them done if I could quilt as beautifully as you do
Sorry someone was nasty. I hope your spring break day involves something fun for you too.~

Lucy (who had snow on the ground here yesterday!)

Bianca said...

I just found out a few days, uh, weeks ago that I can't really work well when I have too much things going on. I just can't seem to focus. So, one thing at the time for me, although my mind is circleling around and around with all the things I want to do next....

Have the spam problem too, but I refuse to put on the word verification or have to moderate. Good luck with that!

Elizabeth said...

I wish blogger would give an option for allowing open ID commenting, Name/URL, but NOT the anonymous commenting. I just moderate because it is easier for commenters than the hyper-obnoxious word verification. You can set your comments so you don't get e-mailed anything until after you've moderated them. I don't remember off hand, but if you want me to check my settings and tell you how I have them, let me know.

I'm taking most of tomorrow off too to spend with my Not-So-Little Bugs who are out of school for the end of term. Their spring break falls during my busiest week of the month, next month & we're trying to find cousins they can go stay with so they don't have to sit at home, bored. There's no way I can get the time off. There is no one who can do my job. A curse and a blessing, I suppose. I hope you and Syd have a lovely time. I know we will. The weather is SO beautiful this week! Mid-60's! Woot!

I have periods of hyper creativity. No judging, no laughing here (I think your dollhouse is awesome!). It is a coping mechanism. Sometimes we need an escape from the really hard or really mundane. Don't feel guilty. Just do what you can. Creativity is supposed to make you feel happy.

xo -E

Rebecca Grace said...

It's so nice to see that other people have a slew of projects in progress as well! I'm starting to feel some stress and anxiety over my own, probably because the current quilt was supposed to be a birthday present for a birthday that happened LAST WEEKEND, and I have another deadline next Thursday for something that I have not even started yet... Then there's the applique QAL and the Vintage Block QAL that I wanted to do, but now I'm several months behind, and the Storm at Sea quilt for a friend that I bought fabric for a year ago and haven't cut yet, and the Advent table runner that is only one star block so far...

But I've been spending a lot of time conferencing with teachers and administrators, and wracking my brain for ways to help my kids with their disastrous disorganization and lack of study skills. This often feels like trying to stop the tide with a little plastic shovel, but I know it's important now. When the kids grow up and go off on their own, we will both have more time to finish our UFO projects, and we won't regret any of the time we spent on the kids instead of in our sewing rooms!

lw said...

I kind of like having a lot of UFOs around-- if you need a gift, there's a lot to choose from, mostly finished.

I'm glad you and Sydney will get to do fun stuff over spring break-- it's a good time to make memories.

Susan Entwistle said...

I've had the spam comments too, but mostly on old posts. I hate word verification so I decided to suck it up and just delete them as they come in.

As for your multi-project-tasking, it's simply a sign of creative genious. You've got way too much going on in your right brain (it is the right brain, right?) that a single project can't scratch the itch. Fortunately, it will pass, but unfortunately that's the cause of most UFOs. :)