A tale of four quilts

I’ve talked about the kit I bought at Chisholm Trail Quilt show.  I paid $30 and decided I didn’t want to make the included pattern and borrowed a pattern from a bee friend and that got me started. 

The kit had a couple yards of solids and a border print that went into stash and 1 5/8 of civil war repro prints.  That’s what I cut into as sort of an intro to using those fabrics.  I have a nice little collection started and I never pull anything out of it.  But these fabrics gave me a reason to dig around in there a bit and start to play. 

First, I made the table runner from the borrowed pattern.


I pulled the green and red border fabrics from stash and it finished at 36x18.  That’s leftover from something else and there was just a little bit.  So little that I had to draw my pieces on the fabric with a chalk pencil to make sure I was going to get as much as I needed. 

I had little pieces of fabric left, nothing big enough for stash except the background fabric.  If I put it in the scrap bin, it’s lost. 

So, I pieced another quilt.

This one is 35x28”.  The star centers from this quilt were cut for the previous quilt, but there wasn’t enough for a border, so after the whole center was assembled, I cut just the star centers out and replaced them.  Then, I used all that black background scrap as the star centers in this quilt.  They worked so much better.  Again, borders and sashing were from stash.  I used up all that green.

But, I still had little bits of that kit fabric left, so I pieced this one.


This one is 32x19” and is going on my desk at work.  I’m thinking I might pin baste it and start the quilting today.  It won’t take long.  All I’m going to do is ditch work and a little something in the borders. 

And, I had this much of that fabric left.


And, I said, can I gat another one?


Okay, it’s only 13x8, but it kinda counts. 

And, there’s this much fabric.  Dare I try again?


Who knows.  I’d like to say no, but we all know how that goes, right?

Today I have bee.  I’m taking the neutral string quilt to bind.  And, I’m taking snacks.  Guess I’d better get cracking.  Everybody have a great weekend. 



Lakegaldonna said...

You are so darn productive! I love reading all your posts so please keep posting as frequently as you do. I hope to get some sewing in today also.

lw said...

Wow, you are fast! I love the star wall hanging, and the flying geese.

Auntie Em said...

Love it! No scrap is too small.
What a crazy amount of tiny Flying Geese in the third one!

Nancy said...

Amazing. You could always make coasters, is there is not enough for a small quilt. Each one you made is wonderful but the second one is my absolute favorite. Great job.