From there to here

When I was writing this post in my head, I was prepared to say all kind of bad things about the kit I started with.  But, having the extra time to reflect has made me realize that the things I didn’t like about it were just me.  I don’t actually know what the quilt would have turned out like if I’d finished it.  It was a mystery and I didn’t see the finished ones.  The mystery process itself put me off and the instructions were hard for me to read and the fabrics were very dark.  I stopped at one point to wait until I got the focus fabric and could try to replace some fabrics, but I really didn’t like the focus fabric.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that I tossed it in the last sewing room cleanup.  I can’t find it anywhere and I know it didn’t get washed, so it’s not in the stash. 

Anyway, it wasn’t my style and it wasn’t a reflection of me and I wasn’t enjoying it, so with a bunch of pieces cut, I set it aside.  One day, reading blogs, I stumbled up on Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern for Cathedral Stars.  I had a bunch of the dark blue tri-recs pieces cut and that’s what brought the two things together.  Next, it was about how to get that pattern out of my fabrics.  And, adding a white.  This quilt needed a white like rice needs gravy.  And, it was not in the kit.  Or the focus fabric.

And, I started to lay out.  And, take pictures.  Because Sydney says I have the memory of a goldfish and I might like one of these layouts, but if I don’t have a picture, I may never get back to it. 

Limited amounts of fabrics.  How to make the most use?

subtle changes.

And, then I started laying in the alternate block.

Try again.

And, how will the third block fit?

And what alternate patterns can I create across the quilt by using contrast and color??

Until I ended up with this.  I did have to add a bit of another batik from the same color family to finish me out.  And, the green is from stash. 


Next, I’m going to use the green to set those squares into the setting triangles so the blue pattern will trail all the way to the edge of the quilt. 

Be well.  It is the lil’ punkin’s sweet sixteenth birthday.  What I said happy birthday, she slammed the door in my face.  I guess that’s a good sign of normal.  Anyway, it’s a big morning for cards and Rob got her flowers.  God love him.  I woulda never thought to get her flowers.  He’s such a good complement to me.  Tonight, she’ll get her presents.  Two new pair of knee high boots, she got her ears pierced, a second hole in each.  New sunglasses.  And a scarf.  I don’t know what else.  But she scored big.  She always says “it’s good to have two dads.”  Seven years.  Crimmeny!

Be well.  Have a great Sydney’s Sixteenth.  And, happy birthday little syglet. 

Do any girls get to sweet sixteen and never been kissed anymore?



LuAnn said...

What a great save on a mystery you didn't like. It's a great layout, and I love the colors. Now are you going to do Bonnie Hunter's mystery that is starting after Thanksgiving? I'm trying to finish the top from last years before it starts.

qltmom9 said...

Yes, I know MANY (homeschooled) girls who make it to sixteen and never-been-kissed. They are lovely and sweet, but they don't look for the boyfriend-girlfriend thing (LOL, they actually TRY to veer from it). My 3 boys past 16 hadn't kissed at that age either...they sure do feel they didn't miss anything now that they know the mess it brings. LOL! They love loving, but know THE RIGHT ONE is what makes it LOVE. And, that matters. LOL, not sure any of this makes sense, but it seems like most of my kids understand.


lw said...

I love the setting that you ended up with, using the kit fabrics with your stash fabrics. You were right about needing white to add contrast.

There's a lot of pressure from the other kids not to get to sweet sixteen without that kiss. I do know homeschooled kids that didn't have that as a priority, so I agree with qltmom9.

Happy birthday to Sydney! And she really is lucky to have two dads, and great gifts, and flowers and a dad who will tolerate having a door slammed in his face.

Elizabeth said...

I do not like rice with gravy. I never have. My taste buds would much rather have mashed potatoes with gravy. As a kid, my mom would sometimes make pizza crust out of cooked rice (and I had it once in Brasil, too). It took all the fun out of pizza. Rice with Asian type dishes, now that I love.

And you're scratching your head now, saying, "really? That's all you got out of my post is that rice does not need gravy?" Well, no. I'm a huge dork and thought that the picture at the bottom was actually your finished quilt top. I thought that the carpet was a dark tan solid border. I love the colors though.

And happy belated to Sydney! I hope her day was spectactular.

xo -E