Finish and start

And, repeat, right?

I got a good finish this weekend. 


I had barely cut the last binding thread when Rob was hanging it on the wall.


This is a bad picture, but it shows the quilting.  Outlining around the stars and that lattice in the border.

I also started a new quilt.  This is the beginning of the Whisker Burn quilt from Twosey-Foursey Quilts. 


These are anvil blocks and they’re pretty easy, but you’ll have to make two at the same time to chain piece, or you’ll have to cut threads.  You need the pieces of the second block to serve as leaders and enders for the first block.

It’s a pretty simple block and they go pretty fast, but not lightening fast like I thought they would.  I need 10 with a light “anvil” in the center, and 10 with a dark.  Then, I can chain piece the 96 hst blocks for the next border.  Yay, me.

Anyway, this one will go to Canada for the holidays.  My first international quilt.

The one in the book has lots of pink.  Mine will have lots of blue.  Their colors are more controlled and mine is more scrappy.  Yay, big bin of uncut scraps that are greater than 4 inches wide. 

And, it’s cold down here.  Real cold.  Not Minnesota cold, but really cold for us.  Today, the high will be in the 30’s.  Syd asked for a ride to school…it’s cold enough that she’d rather be seen with me…that’s cold.  Not a problem.  I took my new coat out for a test drive on Saturday night.  It worked perfectly.  I intend to wear it today.  Yay, warm coat. 

Anyway, when it’s cold, my mind goes to hand quilting, with a quilt spread across my lap. 


Remember this one?  I put it away over the summer and now, it’s back out.  Hexies make a great summer project and this makes a great winter one.  Nearly done with the second block.  14 more to go.  This quilt is all hand sewn.  All the piecing and applique and sewing into rows and adding borders and sashings.  All by hand.  What a nut I am.  But, it’s the only one I’ll ever do that way and I want to do every kind of quilting…not just one.

Be well.  Have a great Monday.

Baby it’s cold outside.



Elizabeth said...

Your star quilt turned out beautifully! Love the quilting.

It's cold here too. I'm trying not to let it get to me, but sometimes the best you can do is grit your teeth and wait until it's over.

xo -E

Kath said...

"What a nut I am"

we could start a club Lane :-D

lw said...

Wow-- I love the star quilt. I liked the piecing, but the quilting really makes it.

It's cold here, too-- the outside dog water bowl was frozen this morning.