Now you see it, now you don’t

I took out just a tiny bit of quilting on this patch this morning, around the black center patch, and I changed to a dark grey thread (practically black) and outlined it again, and then outlined the print of the fabric.


You can’t see it from the front, but it’s there. 


It looks like squiggles from the back.  But, then you run your finger over it from the front and it is just delicious.  Just the way the batting packs into the outlining and makes the shapes puff up, even before it’s washed, is wonderful.

Okay, so remember me saying that I could put a binding on in my sleep?  Well, I must have yesterday.


See that misplaced brown piece of fabric?  That’s how much too much binding I had stitched to the quilt.  Last night, I had to take the whole thing off and put it back on again, and as I did, I took that much extra out.  Its about 3.5 inches.  How did I even do that?  I pinned it to the top and can only assume that because this wasn’t laying flat when I pinned the binding to it, I pinned in more than I really needed to match the curvature.  Last night, trying to hand stitch it to the back, I could not get a square corner to form.  Eventually I just pulled it off and tried again.  We’ll know if I got it right tomorrow, I guess.

I really would like to get this one finished before bee on Saturday so I can take it in.  After that, it’s going to my desk at work.  I’m thinking of machine quilting another small quilt at bee this week.  I’m a member of two bees that meet in the same home on consecutive Saturdays.  The second bee is a smaller group, so I won’t feel bad about spreading out across the end of a table to set up machine quilting.  There wouldn’t be room at the first bee. 

But, I’ll take some piecing too, just in case we have a large crowd and I don’t get the space.

Be well.  Have a great Thursday.  Austin made national news for our early season cold temperatures.  The girl is getting the chance to wear her coat.  I saw her at the bus stop yesterday with it on backward, back to the front like a snuggie, arms through the sleeves, and hood tucked under her chin. 


That is not how the pattern designer or the sewist meant for that garment to be worn.

Whatta’ ya’ gonna’ do?



quiltermom said...

She's wearing it, isn't she! Take your victories where you can. Do you ever watch Project Runway? One of the designers won when the model suggested she wear the jacket backwards. Must be a young people thing.

Anonymous said...

I remember wearing my coat backwards sometimes when i was a kid. It felt like a hug, like i was protected. So, maybe she's imagining a big old hug from you!

lw said...

I love the improved quilting on the star-- another easter egg-- you don't see it, but the texture is there.

I've seen the backwards jacket thing, too, so it's likely a fashion thing. In any case, it's keeping her warm and stylish.

Anonymous said...

A creative use + a self-hug. Nothing wrong with either--and maybe a great combo! Elle