Always so busy

This weekend was the cap of a period of time when I’ve been particularly looking inward.  Lots of change, and lots of looking at new opportunities, and lots of deciding how I wanted the future to be shaped.  A new boss is like a fresh start in a lot of ways.

This weekend, I started to feel like it’s time to look outward, toward friends, which is a really good thing, seeing as the holidays are looming like clouds on the horizon. 

Anyway, I spent a lot of the weekend cleaning.  And, cleaning always indicates change.  I don’t know why, I’m just aware that it is. 

I also pieced this, and this morning, got all the rows put together.


I really like how that came out.  Such a simple pattern.  I may be about to make another, more conservative one, out of prints.  It went together so fast.  Just a few hours and now I just need to join the rows together.

I spent a bit of time yesterday in the yard.  I’m nearing the end of this year’s garden expansion project.  The last of the plants have been moved and are recovering well and this weekend, I focused on re-setting the stepping stones.


They meander through the garden, right at the soil surface so if I miss one, I don’t fall.


They have to be re-set every year or two because they’ll settle down into the dirt.


I have to have them so I can really get into the garden and walk around.  This year, I picked up a couple of packs of ajuga, a purple and dark green, low growing plant that I’ve been cultivating, and remember from childhood, and now I want to put some between each stone.


And, that’s a trip through my winter garden.  Because all the movement has been slow, it hasn’t left the garden looking too bad this year and next year should be phenomenal.  We had two nights last week near freezing and yesterday, it was 90*.  Holy Moly!  I’ve moved the most tender plants near the potting shed, but not set up the greenhouse yet.  We bought a dolly this weekend to make it easier to move my trees that spend different seasons on different sides of the yard.  I’m ready, but it can hold off freezing for a while longer and I’ll be just as happy.  Everything is so lush and gold tinged. 

See any similarity between the colors in my garden and the colors in the quilt picture?  It’s no coincidence, even though there was no intention.  My work reflects what’s going on.


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lw said...

More than most quilts, that one relies on the colors/fabrics to tell a story. I like the calm, garden-like colors in this one.

My stepping stones also need to be reset. In my case, I have dogs randomizing the locations. There's something yummy under the soil (grubs, I think) and there's a lot of digging going on.

At work, we're getting ready to reclaim our atrium by planting bulbs. It used to be the practice run for the Mars rover prototypes (15 years ago,)a Mars landscape made of carpet, sand and rocks; over the years it turned into a mushy moldy mess. One of the other teams cleaned it all up and it's ready now for planting to turn back into a garden. I guess we get to do the trees and shrubs next spring.