Lemons and Roses

It is still cold here.  Last night, the weatherman said it was as cold here as it was in Minneapolis. 

That's not right.  It's just not. 

It's cold enough that Sydney even asked for a ride to school again.  She was side seat driving, so instead of dropping her off near the street, I took her right to the door, threatening to kiss her on the cheek all the way.  I love laughing with her. 

Anyway, I went out to feed the birds just before we left.  I was all bundled up and toasty warm.  After I fed the birds, I checked on the plants in the greenhouse.  I did a really good job of placing the lemon trees between the shed and the house so that the heat coming off the house would keep temps around the trees above freezing.  After it was done, I decided to move just one more plant.  I moved a rose that is in a pot.  But, it's too near the end and I have to kind of bend backward to get between the shed and the thorns.

And, this morning, I cut it too close and got caught on a piece of flashing and tore a hole in the front of the green coat I made.

Can someone pass the tissues?

I didn't really get a chance to look at it.  We needed to leave.  So, I took it off and tossed it across the chair in the sewing room.  I'll have to make a small patch for it.  I'll have to because that coat was too much work for me to only get to wear it twice. 

I was real proud of myself tho.  I just dealt with it and walked away.  There's plenty of time to figure out what it's going to take to repair.

Everybody have a good Tuesday.  So far, it's been a day of joy and disappointment. 



lw said...

Ack!!! I hope the green coat is repairable!

It's still cold here, and my dryer is next to the thermostat. So it's toasty in the service hall, but chilly everywhere else in the house.

Elizabeth said...

That just tears a little hole in my heart. I hope you can make the repair without too much trouble.

Sorry it is so cold there. Not fun.

xo -E

Anonymous said...

Cold and sunny here. And winter is a great time to do mends and repairs. I love those little projects. And the time in the nice warm sewing room.

Becky said...

OH NO! So sorry you had an incident with your coat. Maybe it can be fixed. Here's hoping at least.....

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Rob and Sydney!

Love you bunches,

qltmom9 said...

A guild lady did similar and appliqued a heart over the hole.

I love the cheek kiss threat.


Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, how awful about your coat, Lane! My heart goes out to you. Post a photo of where the tear is on your coat, once you feel up to it. I'm wondering whether you could mend the tear and disguise it with a monogram, but not knowing how big the hole is and exactly where it is positioned makes it difficult to envision a good save. You wouldn't want a gigantic script "L" a la Laverne, after all! ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.