I could have saved a lot of time

To all of you who think that you can make neutral thread show up on a busy neutral background, and that therefore, it is worth the effort to do something fancy…I hope you have better luck than I did.


I can only tell you that there is a gorgeous feather wreath quilted in that block.  I can’t show you.  But, if you were here, and if you got really close, and looked from an angle, you’d be able to see it. 

Unfortunately, the effort that it required to do it shouldn’t need additional effort to see it.  So, I’m thinking of calling this one “glass half full” because I’m kind of discouraged about it. 

It’s plenty warm for a nice winter nap.  And, it’s a lovely concept and quilt.  It’s just I could have saved myself a lot of time by quilting something more simple.  Or, maybe if I’d used a thicker batting. 


Even the busy back hides the quilting.  It’s a busy drapery weight chintz.  Somewhere near the center of this photo, there’s a feather wreath.

Hopefully, one day, I’ll learn that busy quilts need simple quilting.  If not, I’m going to leave a whole bunch of weird looking work when I pass on. 

Who knows.  That might be my claim to notoriety.  “He never learned to quilt simple.  He left us with weird work to study.” 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  I’m looking at another quilt with a busy border that I was planning to put feathers in.  Not now.



lw said...

Anyone looking close will be excited to discover the feather wreath. Think of it as an "easter egg," a hidden treat for the observant.

Laura said...

I prefer "his quilts have great personality".

Marei said...

I clicked on the photo and found your feather wreath.....nice job, Lane. You're not the first one whose put forth too much effort for the result achieved, but it IS a learning process. And from your last statement we can see you're already learning!!

Becky said...

I love your weird body of work!! Keep at it, buddy!

mssewcrazy said...

Oh that quilting is so pretty, sort of like a classy tone on tone monogram. I can see the feathers in the photo,too.